Conservatives campaign for disabled housing? Don’t be daft

The number of people with disabilities on social housing waiting list has almost doubled in the past five years according to figures from the Scottish Conservatives. The Party says there are currently 24 000 disabled people waiting for a flat or a house. That’s up from just under 10 000 in 2017.

This is another direct feed from an opposition party to staff at Pacific Quay, not being covered anywhere else. Reports of this kind are increasingly being referred to as ‘Beatties’ in reference to BBC staffer John Beattie who is suspected of being a conduit for such stories.

The deep and disturbing irony and hypocrisy embodied in this story will not have escaped many.

This is the Party of austerity associated with numerous deaths among the disabled as a consequence of their brutal treatment by the DWP under Conservative ministers:

Evidence stretching back more than a decade shows how the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) repeatedly ignored recommendations to improve the safety of its disability benefits assessment system, leading to countless avoidable deaths of disabled claimants.

Other evidence shows how DWP ensured that key evidence linking its actions with those deaths was not considered by independent reviews, and how the department failed to keep track of what actions were taken in response to recommendations made by its own civil servants to improve the system.

Less dramatic, this is the party of failure to build affordable homes in England, attacking the SNP Government in Scotland, which has succeeded:


11 thoughts on “Conservatives campaign for disabled housing? Don’t be daft

  1. The Conservative Party takes from the poor and gives to the rich .
    The Conservative Party witch-hunts those who call them out.
    The Conservative Party commits fraud and gets away with it .
    The Conservative Party where even when sent to prison does not prevent your reinstatement on release as long as you say you have found god and religion take up church but continue as before.
    The Conservative Party where greed and lying is encouraged .
    They are unbelievable , don’t ever believe what the Conservative Party say , always look for the hidden truth behind the trick.

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  2. I doubt if they need a ‘conduit’ like Mr Beattie. Most of the senior editorial staff will have been appointed because they are Tories and the rest of staff will ‘know’ what the line is. Given the uniformity of the BBC and STV scripts and the texts in the Scottish press, I suspect the information comes directly from the Scotland Office each day.

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  3. I’d imagine that D.Ross will be in favour of this in his own constituency, simply to bump up his rapidly declining popularity. It is of no interest to him or any other conservative except as a leg-up.

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  4. Not only are there people looking to move because of a disability, there are people looking to move for all sorts of reasons.

    This scheme might help.

    “If you rent your home from the council or from a housing association in Scotland, you may be able to swap your home with another council or housing association tenant living somewhere else in Scotland or in the rest of the UK.”

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  5. The BBC network run springwatch and autumnwatch where they set up camp to observe the habits of wildlife and invite experts to comment.

    BBC Scotland run SNPwatch, all year not just for a short season, where they set up camp outside hospitals, schools, anywhere a story which has a negative SNP context can be had. They invite ‘experts’ who will give them the headlines they want, if they don’t comply then they won’t be seen or heard of again.

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  6. And let us not forget whose bright idea it was to sell off public housing stock and have have been squeezing public housing budgets ever since.

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  7. Off topic, but because education is one of the attack lines of the unionists, who continually claim, ‘the attainment gap’ is not closing.

    You have debunked this regularly.

    In the current edition of the New Statesman, a metro centric paper of bombast which finds Scottish independence just too risible to deal with.

    The mag has instituted an award scheme which recognises individuals and organisations which have made a positive impact on people’s lives. Highly commended in the local government section was Glasgow City Council – ‘it’s learning and teaching programmes for young people which have reduced school exclusions and increased uptake in higher and further education.

    Was this in The Herald, Glasgow Times, or on STV or BBC Scotland? There has not even been a sneer from the teacher unions.


  8. Comical to see HMS James Cook double down on their NHS campaign, with “Scottish hospitals are almost full, says Nicola Sturgeon” in prime promotion spot on both BBC/Scotland and BBC/Scotland/Politics – Naturally, comments open for the “Nikla ate my hamster” rentamob/brigade, and you guessed it, Gulhane in scrubs on his one day a week job as a GP (lucky BBC, this just happened to be that day 🤣 by appointment)… It’s almost become a tragi-comedy of sorts now…

    Following up is the bonus awarding personal contribution from James Cook himself entitled “Why is the NHS under so much pressure?” – Although he recognises “The situation is grim throughout the UK, and indeed beyond, ” he goes on to clarify “but here in Scotland it’s Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP which has been in power since 2007, so it was the first minister who faced the cameras in Edinburgh.”
    Not the slightest recognition from the email-clairvoyant of the fundamental strangling of funding by Tories in London… Goodness no, that might threaten getting a gong from his maj…. 🙄

    Predictably, all the usual pieces are there, as contrasted hundreds of times here with reporting for England, Wales, NI, or anywhere really – The obligatory photos of the FM and Health Secretary, recycling snippets from their multiple previous articles in a propaganda ratatouille, the special of the day every day from the BBC in Scotchland.


    1. PS – I attempted to archive James Cook’s piece when I started writing the above comment, it was ca 1,900 on the queue and thoughts were to include it.
      It’s now 10,960 in the queue, 77 Bgd must be on overtime…


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