In Ireland, the media work with government to save lives

From the excellent MSM Monitor today:

A responsible broadcaster would be inviting folk to tune in to find out *why* wearing a face mask is a good idea. That would be the narrative from the get-go. BBC Scotland frames the advice as questionable and an inconvenience, thus undermining it. Reckless tabloid immaturity.

Seeing this, I was reminded of previous evidence of how Scotland’s MSM have worked to undermine the efforts of the Scottish Government, to saves lives. Despite that, with a much lower Covid mortality rate, 226.8 per 100k in Scotland and 310.9 in England, they have succeeded.

The contrast with Ireland is stark evidence of the most toxic of media biases we face in Scotland:

Above Scotland’s ‘quality’ press take the perspective of club and pub-owners, utterly unqualified to criticise pandemic control measures, and accuse ministers in a manner, unique in these islands, and that should sicken. On the Herald website, this:

Hospitality sector accused of trying to impose infection and death with help of media?

This is not happening in the UK/English media where the Tory revolt last night dominates. No hospitality ‘industry’ rep is platformed in Northern Ireland or Wales.

In Blackpool, where hospitality is all, the Gazette has 56 stories on their website and not one about the supposed ruin of the industry.

And in Ireland:

70 pus stories on the Irish Times website today and not one based on complaints from hospitality.

Informing the public, no ministers accused and the, unseen here, suggestion that some firms are getting subsidised while still able to pay dividends to shareholders.

For many in Scotland, the bias against anything the SNP Government does has become normalised, even in a pandemic. It’s only if we can reveal to them it’s freakish, unusual, nature that the scales might drop.


14 thoughts on “In Ireland, the media work with government to save lives

  1. Bbc scotland wheel out well known covid denier anti vaxer and anti masker Dr Christine Tait-Burkard. Virologist not epidemiologist. To give a nice balanced view. Burkardt is a servant of contagion.

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  2. The “Scottish” media’s total lack of self awareness or it’s abject stupidity is both entertaining and frightening in itself.

    Remember of course the horror that BBC Scotland tried to inflict upon Scotland when they proposed only to provide coverage of Scotland’s daily Covid updates where “they” deemed that it is was important or significant enough to broadcast. How many lives would that have cost.

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  3. The media in Scotland is run, controlled and funded from Westminster–MI5 I would hazard a guess.

    Ireland escaped all this, by becoming independent.
    Scotland should follow suit, if it wants a free press.

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    1. Very interesting John and well worth the read.

      Once more, the BBC making a complete fool of itself over a very long period of time, by denying any “vetting by MI5” when it happened with their approval in their own building!

      One shudders at the criteria / vetting that takes place for BBC Scotland’s apparatchiks.

      I think my CV is destined for the bin then 🙂

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  4. Pubs, clubs and restaurants are packed out. Especially in the festive season. Along with hotels. Packed out. People see for themselves what is happening in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is hooching, Tge hardworking staff are overworked, At least leave a tip. Hospitality places are packed out. Hotels are being renovated. Or selling out for profit.

    The Fife Arms Braemar. £400 a night. One of the reported best hotels in Scotland. Guests including famous actors and musicians. Massive visitor numbers at New Year. The birthplace of Hogmanay. Edinburgh the most visited city in the world. Scotland earns £Billions of revenues for tourism. Hospitality is earning the prices increased massively since Covid. Increased more than double. Worldwide.fir visitors. Unless they can get a deal. Few and far between. All hospitality prices have risen substantially.


  5. People have to pay for heakthcare in IR. €60 to see a Dr. €100 on average for a hospital appointment. There is insurance and there are exemptions.. ie pregnant
    women,pensioners in need. etc. The Gov Pension in IR is much higher than in the UK.

    If Gov pensions were higher in the UK. Less would be spent on benefit bureaucracy and pay out. It would pay for itself. The administration is nearly more than the payout, £240Billion – UK pension/benefits. Administration £235Billion. UK Gov Accounts 2019/20. Published June 2022. Internet. Whole UK Gov Accounts.


  6. Also if I may draw attention to the IT’s reporting on hospital overcrowding and water supplies – Note the total absence of a politician’s face plastered on the front page with some bizarre headline, no opposition members posing in scrubs or impersonating a roundabout in the articles calling for a Minister’s immediate resignation…. Only in Scotland…

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  7. The politicians in IR are also rotten to the core. Scandal after scandal. Land deals etc. Tax evasion. EU had to sir5 out the non payment of tax (worldwide). US multinationals based in the IR. Still a better quakit6 of life in IR (EU) than the UK. The most unequal in the world. Lower cost of living in IR. People more prosoerous, happy and equal in IR.

    Ireland could vote to reunite and probably will soon when people vote for it. Ni in a total mess politically and financially. DUP gettin* bungs for supporting Tories in Westmibster. Sinn Fein dose not take up seats for political reasons. Increasing in votes and popularity. Getting increased support. The Masonics, illegal, racist, bigoted and misogynist getting voted out. Especially by the young. No time for secret societies. Outdated. A backlash. The internet. 1990’s. Increased exchange of open information. No longer secret under the Official Secrets Act. ‘D’ notices. Liars always get found out.


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