UK gender pay gap massive 124% wider than in Scotland

At the end of the BBC Scotland insert in BBC Breakfast, this morning:

New figures suggest the gender pay gap between men and women is lower (sic) in Scotland than in the UK overall. Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that the gasp was 12.2% last year compared with almost 15% UK-wide. However, the figures also reveal the gap here widening slightly.

They didn’t, of course tell us about the more significant full-time gender pay gaps – 3.7% in Scotland, 8.3% in the UK overall, 124% higher!

As for the gap being ‘lower‘, I’ve often wondered about the IQ gap between the average Scottish 18-year-old and the Pacific Quay average.

On the gap having widened [better word choice this time] in Scotland ‘slightly’, I can’t quickly find what that was. Too wee to give us the actual number?


Forbes Terris

If the Scottish figures were removed from the overall UK figure then the gap would be even higher (sic)


11 thoughts on “UK gender pay gap massive 124% wider than in Scotland

  1. Women are treated unequally in Scotland (UK). Women who cohabit (the majority) do not have equal rights. In Scotland women cannot get legal aid. Without losing the roof over their head. In England the Law has been changed so women can get legal aid, without losing the roof over their heads. The Law has been changed. Women as main carers are treated unequall6 worldwide in every society.

    Women have to remain in abusive situations because they do no5 have equal rights and do not get legal aid. In every spere in society they are 1/3 unrepresentative. They do live five years longe4 than men but often in relative poverty because of lack of appropriate pension provision, as main carers. Total inequality that needs to be addressed. Most people love their mother, about time Government made redress to equality for 50% of the population. The Scottish Gov is improving but the majority of women (cohabit) need equality and equal rights established through Law. Instead of neglecting 30% of the population. Law takes too long and is expensive. It can take years and costs £thousands. So, too many women end up in abusive situations,to keep a roof over their heads. Unequal and unfair and undemocratic. With proper help, sisters could be doing it for themselves. In a male dominated population. With more rights. Less women would be abused. A few sanitary products in a toilet does not compensate for historical and present inequality. It needs legislation.

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  2. One of the highest-paid jobs in BBC Hootsmon must be in news management and re-writing the daily blah, blah, so as to suit the required bias.
    To ensure no impression is ever left with the viewer/listener that we in “North Briton” (where Broonie lives) have solutions/outcomes which are better than Old Blighty.
    There MUST always be a– “the sun is shining,….BUT”!

    Hence the odd and garbled wording on news items.
    Some mince fae Big Jacksie Baillie and Wee Sanni Gullhame
    Then move on quickly to the Old Firm footie.

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  3. One reason I can think of for this is that, as a former colleague put it to me once, “the problem for Scotland is that the legs are up here but the brains are down south”. What he meant is that there are fewer senior jobs (the ones where you get the really silly money) in Scotland than in England. Think of all the businesses there are in Scotland where the senior management are in London. Or, indeed the Civil Service. George Rosie made this point about thirty years ago – the largest number of senior civil servants are located south of Nottingham, but in particular in the south east. However, not only is pay highest, but there are fewer women at those kinds of levels.
    In other words, the pay gap is less wide here because there are fewer such positions here. While this might offer an explanation for a lower pay gap, it points to another – perhaps even more intractable – problem that an independent Scotland is going to have to find ways to assert control over its own economy.

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