‘Have you done what the Scots are doing?’ BBC Wales praises Scotland’s river quality enforcement

I’m grateful to my Researcher, Bernadette Robertson, for alerting me to this with a shout of: ‘Hey! BBC Wales is on our beach!

From BBC Wales as an insert in BBC 24, today around 4:30pm:

But here on the West coast of Scotland, locals and environmental officials say that benefits are already being felt on beaches like this [Ayr South] one because of the work they’re doing with farmers on the River Ayr….Scotland’s environmental regulator spends £900 000 a year on a dedicated team of 12 inspectors and support staff just checking water pollution from farms.

In Wales? No fully-funded team ‘like in Scotland’. Still no investment from the Labour Government in Wales.

Coverage? No sign anywhere on the BBC websites. BBC Reporting Scotland? Hah!



7 thoughts on “‘Have you done what the Scots are doing?’ BBC Wales praises Scotland’s river quality enforcement

  1. Nope. Sunak had it right.
    England is Britain and Britain is England.

    BBC stands for–” English Broadcasting Corps”.
    Yup, no doubt!

    And when Scotland regains its independence, the BBC will not have to make a single change in format, presenters or content.

    It will regret losing a chunk of money, but is on the road to privatisation anyway.
    DRossie and Starwars (or successors) will try to insist Scotland keeps this colonising outfit.

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  2. John, Tomorrow on Alba is a program called Operations Cauldron about secret biological testing off the coast of Lewis just shows what the British and Winston got up to.


  3. Well spotted – Remember when BBC Scotland used to do similar a long time ago, nowadays they’d rather join scaremongering by the Ferret et al (which ever seems to be a “Look, a squirrel” exercise for bad news in England) on beach reports.

    The transition from the River Purification boards to SEPA was a major change in policing pollution of waters, and by retaining water and sewerage in public hands, much of what has hit England and Wales has been avoided.

    What the BBC “English Rivers” clip fails to highlight is that defunding of the policing element was a deliberate policy decision by government to assist the privatisation of water in England, IIRC a DEFRA responsibility.
    Compare that with quite the reverse in Scotland.

    Was intrigued to hear on the clip that the condition of the Wye had been improved, George Monbiot’s video exposing it’s pollution levels must have shrunk sphincters in high places.
    There really should not need be a YouTube exposee, or have to resort to volunteers to prove the atrocious state of England’s waterways before cleaning up begins, and make no mistake, they take years to recover.

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