Scotland must free itself from the jackboot of Westminster

In the Herald today:

Jack’s MSP freund, Stephen Kerr, left, at a meeting in the Edinburgh bunker:


3 thoughts on “Scotland must free itself from the jackboot of Westminster

  1. I am not sure that even England’s Tories are dumb enough to pick a fight on this issue.
    All that it would do is expose the fraud that devolution really is to Scots who otherwise are not particularly engaged with constitutional matters.
    Better to allow Holyrood powers to be stealthily diminished so that the people don’t get upset and used to the idea that we are one nation under Westminster and subsequently no need for devolution.
    Unfortunately,that will work for many Scots unless we try to keep exposing their duplicity.

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  2. I totally agree with was has been said by bringiton, why are we contuing to play the Westminster game let’s do something different withdraw the MPs from Westminster and make the next election a plebiscite to leave the Union. I am sick and tired of the sham independence party and the Unionists cabal that runs them. We need out of this parictical one way Union and need a genuine push for independence a starting the campaign for independence would be useful. The current incumbent has had enough time and been found wanting 8 years of nothing. I dont vote for nodding horses I dont vote for acquiescence and complicity.
    Dissolve the Union before we all freeze and starve to death.

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    1. Thank you caller but it appears that you have confused this site with Misreporting Scotland or the daily Good Morning Scotland unionist propaganda hotline hosted by Ms Adams !

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