Why are so few Scots Covid cases in intensive care?

On 21 December 2022, there were only 8 patients in ICU in Scotland but 174 in England, nearly twice as many per head of population. Even in Wales with a smaller population, there were more, 10.

Throughout November and December as Covid hospitalisations began to climb again, there have been 2 to 3 times as many, pro rata, in English Hospitals than in Scotland.

What is going on?

Scotland has an older population with historically worse health outcomes and life expectancy, yet fewer in ICU.

Could it be the effects of vaccine hesitancy amongst some ethnic groups? I can’t see regional data.

Could it be differences in Government messaging in terms of clarity and consistency?

Could it be differences in the quality of health services in detecting and quickly treating to prevent cases worsening?


8 thoughts on “Why are so few Scots Covid cases in intensive care?

  1. Could a ‘sense of community’ also be a factor? If we are part of a community then difficulty for a fraction of that community could become a difficulty for all, over time. So, people often ‘love their neighbour as themselves’. There is also the ‘unity is strength’ aspect. If we all do ‘x’, then it is likely things will be better.

    For many decades, via ‘privatisation’ the Tories and ‘new’ Labour have been removing things that were public services for the common good and replacing them with private services which make profits for investors and with a legal requirement to ‘maximise returns for investors’. And the public – Now rebranded as ‘customers’ – what of them? They can take their custom elsewhere or, better, fuck off and die.

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  2. Indeed a ‘sense of community’ will be in play, Scots tend to look out for one another, but it is hardly unique in these islands.

    What I suspect is the greater influence in Scotland is a widespread distrust of Scotland’s media and opposition, there are just so many incontinent pigeons assassinating vulnerable kids they can take – In England, not so much, the Daily Smell still directs opinion, allegedly…


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