SNP Covid strategy paying off for Christmas

I used to, only 40 years ago, teach 11 year-olds, and then student teachers, to understand scatter graphs like the one above. I suspect few will have maintained my enthusiasm for them, the scatter graphs, for long after that.

Independent research by Ipso FACTO for TuS suggests that 99.9% of TuS readers are BAF and often construct a scatter graph over breakfast, just for fun.

Just in case, a non-TuS regular is reading this, I better explain.

If a country or region has a low Covid infection rate AND it’s not increasing fast, then it appears low and left.

If a country or region has a high Covid infection rate AND it’s increasing fast, then it appear high and right.

Right, class, where shouldn’t you go for Christmas? Devon or Cornwall! Correct.

Where should you go? Scotland! Correct.

BBC Scotland would be covering this but their staff are too thick?


6 thoughts on “SNP Covid strategy paying off for Christmas

  1. No, not thick. They are employed as propagandists and such data does not fit the authorised ‘narrative’, therefore they are ignored.

    They operate procrusteanism – whereby reality is chopped and distorted to accord with the ‘narrative’, or simply ignored.

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  2. Cases depend on testing. England is testing 4x as many as Scotland.

    Latest ONS has England 1 in 45. Scotland 1 in 40 people infected.

    Hope this isn’t SNP strategy!


    1. Hospitalisations in Scotland have almost doubled in the last month or so. They fell to a low of just over 500 and are now just shy of 1000 according to figures released by PHS on Wed 21st Dec.

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