Lives risked as Scots wrongly advised to stay away from A&E

In the clearest of examples of just how Scottish the UK press is, regardless of any banner heading ‘SCOTLAND’, the Times ignores the fact that, uniquely, the Scottish ambulance service is operating normally and grossly simplifies the message from one health board:

Note this desperate attempt to make sure Scots feel included in England’s health crisis. Note also, this warning of increased attendances due to slipping on ice comes FIVE days after the West of Scotland began to thaw.

The Express had the same:

and the SUN:

and the Herald:


3 thoughts on “Lives risked as Scots wrongly advised to stay away from A&E

  1. The unionist /English right-wing propagandists always find it easier if they keep their message simple .
    So , no distinction between ‘The Country’ ( aka Britain /England ) and ”where you live ”.
    As Richie Rich , the PM , stated at a Commons Committee yesterday ”British is a short-hand way of saying English ”.

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    1. These papers have Scottish based staff who produce bona fide Scottish editions, so they know exactly what they are doing: wilfully misleading.

      The Guardian has no Scottish editions just two staff whose job it is to report to North London just how bad Scotland and everywhere else that is not North London is.


  2. Oh my Lord, so many intellectual heavyweights – David McCann of the Times, Richard Ellis of the Express, Jennifer Jones of the Sun, Andrew Learmonth of the Herald, with another load of David Bol tosh labelled “Teenagers to be allowed to change gender” below 🤣, and Animal on drums as Jim Carrey-Cook reprises his scene from the ‘Mask’ as he swallows a live Glenn Campbell monologue then blows a smoky Cupid arrow from a nostril… Ok the last bit may not be real, but that’s never stopped the BBC in Scotland broadcasting…

    I feel sincerely sorry for Ambulance drivers, nurses, doctors, and all associated with the NHS across the UK, they have been the political football of successive governments, Labour and Tory alike for the last 30 years with “we can’t afford it” a recurring theme, which never ever was true.

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