Why is Covid hospitalisation not surging in Scotland?

With 10 times the population, NHS England has had 14 times as many admissions in the last 7 days.

Shockingly, again with only 10 times the population, NHS England has 37 times as many patients in ventilation beds.

Something is going badly wrong, especially with the more severe cases in communities.

Lower vaccination levels due to less clear government guidance?



4 thoughts on “Why is Covid hospitalisation not surging in Scotland?

  1. This should be investigated to see if this situation is in only some areas in England.
    During the pandemic Covid variants tended to appear in the south east of England and spread out to the rest of the country.
    If the hospitalisation is following a pattern then perhaps some action could be taken to slow or stop the spread or identify and treat patients before they require intensive care.


    1. I think that epidemiologists do what you are suggesting. During the height of the pandemic the international cooperation on the collection of data as well as research on vaccinations, treatments and other factors was remarkable and indicative of what collaboration can bring about.

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  2. Tangentially related to hospitalisations: the print media are going heavy on the advice from Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board to think twice about going to A&E over the Christmas/New Year period. They are, of course linking it to two things – the continuing delays due to staff shortages following Brexit and issues regarding pay and conditions and the strikes of ambulance crews in ENGLAND, WALES and NORTHERN IRELAND, by the use of photographs or army personnel driving ambulances in ENGLAND (dogwhistling? – you bet!)

    For as long as I can remember all emergency services have issued advice to the public about the Christmas/New Year period when the combination of poor weather, an increase in alcohol consumption and reduced staffing levels over the period as personnel take holiday entitlement. Over the years, the majority of the public has heeded such advice and levels of injuries and deaths have declined. Not that you would know that from the media who hyperbolically splash horror stories of ‘carnage on the roads’, domestic fires, etc. These are presented with little context. As far as the media is concerned a road death, a murder, someone dying after slipping on ice is an EVENT to be milked.

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