A perfect case of misinformation on NHS Scotland

In the Herald of Fake News Enterprise today:

THE number of investigations into patients dying or being seriously injured in A&E as a result of potential failures in their care has more than doubled in Lothian during the pandemic.


There were 60 Significant Adverse Event Reports (SAERs) to end October 2022, in Lothian.

So, first of all, the sneaky wee ‘in Lothian‘ delayed till after the first impression that this applies to all of NHS Scotland, confirming, of course, their disappointment that it doesn’t.

Second, here are the figures for the carefully chosen previous two years:

but, of course again, no mention of the key contextual factor, attendance at A&E. Here it is:

Attendance at A&E departments in Lothian, in 2020 and 2021 was around half that in 2022.

So, 28 SAERs in 2020, 24 in 2021 and 60 in 2022 so far, as attendances double. An increase pro rata but not a surge nor a doubling.

Notably the Herald does not offer us the figure for 2019 when attendances had peaked. Wonder why?

One thought on “A perfect case of misinformation on NHS Scotland

  1. I am a card carrying member of the National Union of propagandists , have had many a letter published anonymously by Scotland In Union and have a signed photo of Kelvin McKenzie on my desk – May I apply for the Leader Writer position at The Herald ?


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