Scotland’s Covid 19 infection level amongst lowest in UK

For the week ending 5 December 2022 for England, Wales and Scotland, and the week ending 3 December 2022 for Northern Ireland, the above graphic interests me and might interest some Scots but not, it seems, any of our media outlets.

I hope you find this reassuring.

Kind regards, The Editor



8 thoughts on “Scotland’s Covid 19 infection level amongst lowest in UK

  1. With widepsread strike action in England, cancelled operations, an intransigent UK Gov and a a Covid surge in England we could have forgiven ourselves momentarily at least to believe things were looking a bit brighter in Scotland. Not so… BBC Scotland (never one to miss an opportunity to put us in our rightful place next to the gutter) now leading with ”Hospital admissions for flu now outnumber Covid’. Just a gentle reminder that we are not any better at resolving industrial disputes and handling a pandemic than our southerly neighbours.


    1. As has been said on this site many times in the past three years regarding numbers of infections and fatalities we should not be engaging in petty politics about people who are suffering. However, since the start of the pandemic that is exactly what the unionists and the media have done.

      Now, of course the handling of the pandemic is an intensely political topic, from decisions about lockdown, school closures, PPE, etc And that is entirely justified.. But the unionists have used the selective mining of data to find individual data, which, quoted out of context show Scotland in a bad light. In the early days of the pandemic infections and deaths in Scotland were consistently lower than in England and Wales, and, when, over a single week the data for Scotland were a little higher than the other two countries, the unionists foghorned this. About two weeks ago, infections in Scotland were above the other countries – headlined by the BBC. And now that we are once more lowest, not a cheep from the unionists.

      What this site has done consistently and well has challenged the unionist narrative and presented data in context so that valid comparisons can be made.

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  2. Last week the ONS reported a figure for Scotland of 1 in 60. This week it is 1 in 50 therefore infections are rising in Scotland and this is borne out by the hospitalisation figures published by PHS on Wednesday. They have risen by almost 200 in the past 2-3 weeks from a, relative, low of just over 500.

    No room for complacency or hubris because our figures are lower than elsewhere in the UK

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