Disgusting scare-mongering by health trade union

There’s no actual evidence in the above reports from a trade union, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (Scotland) and their shop steward (vice-president), inaccurately described as a ‘leading medic’ and a ‘medical body’ or any ‘disaster’, so here is some:

On the supposed cancer care ‘disaster’ costing lives, 94.3% of patients started treatment within the 31-day standard in July-September 2022. There had been a 2.2% increase in the number referred. The target is 95%. 95.5% started treatment within 31 days in the previous quarter. Disaster? Really?


Despite reduced treatment during the pandemic, cancer deaths continued their downward trend:

The continuing decrease in cancer mortality rates is consistent with long-term trends. Therefore, it appears that the pandemic did not adversely impact cancer mortality rates in 2021.


This is just utterly irresponsible scare-mongering by a trade union leader

4 thoughts on “Disgusting scare-mongering by health trade union

  1. Medical ”union” leaders are often treated as if they had NO political agendas . They should be closely scrutinised and carry a ”health warning ” as much as the Labour apparatchiks from the GMB or the Scottish Tory Health propagandists for their lack of impartiality .

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  2. I note that the Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Mr Wes Streeting, was headlined in the Daily Telegraph, no less, with “Labour declares war of BMA”.

    There are many ironies in this which say a lot about the present Labour Party, but, in the context of this article he states explicitly that “the BMA is a trade union.”

    Now, I was a career-long trade unionist and, for a while, a workplace representative and have been on strike or worked to rule on several occasions. I support the actions of working people who take industrial action and especially at this time. However, when speaking to the media, I think trade union spokespersons should be wary of the fact that the media owners are hostile to trade unions and will twist statements to suit their own agenda, usually to divide-and-rule. If you eat with the devil you should sup with a long spoon is something spokespersons should heed when dealing with the media.

    Some of the health service unions have always had a favoured position with the media, especially the doctors’ ones. This, I suspect is mainly because a high proportion of doctors attended private schools and have a tendency to vote Conservative. Therefore the perspective of some doctors will be similar to that of their fellow private education alumni in the media and in business.

    The doctors’ unions should take note of the media attitude towards the Royal College of Nursing (also a trade union) which has long been lauded by the media as representing ‘angels’. When the RCN broke with its tradition and decided to ballot for strike action, they were vilified by the media and the Tories – ‘allies of Putin’ – and threats of bringing in the troops.

    I am sympathetic to the plight of staff working in hospitals which has arisen from a number of factors all attributable to the actions of the Tories these past 12 years – Brexit, ‘austerity’, privatisation of large parts of health provision, corruption regarding contracts, etc. And, many patients are being affected. However, my wife and I (both in our 70s) cannot complain about the service we have received from medical services, especially during the pandemic and we thank all staff involved. We have not had to use A&E nor are we waiting for essential treatment, but we have had to use other medical services and have not had to wait long.

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  3. Nowhere near so disgusting perhaps, but in fiddling and obscuring the figures, https://archive.ph/nD3ZN from HMS James Cook takes some beating.

    Curiously plonked on the Scotland/Politics page in 3rd place, you open it to find it filed as on the Scotland page – If you open the Scotland page and scroll down it turns up on the second page.

    The Lazy Winters “Analysis” does most of the heavy lifting on inference, with only “I visited a surgery in Scone had that 30 years ago had 6000 patients. Now it has 17,000” as a clearly stated fact, because that’s the practice at which Dr David Shackles works.

    Clearly he was so pleased by the publicity he was tweeting about it….

    But what does the piece actually tell us of “Scotland/Politics” ? SFA.

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