Mortality rate soaring? Oh no it isn’t!

The Herald’s front page headline, perhaps not for the first time, has ‘soared’ into the frankly unbelievable.

I’ll take the second part first, if I may. Mortality rate soars?

From the National Records of Scotland, last week:

28% of the 63,587 deaths registered last year were considered preventable or treatable, up from 27% in 2020.  The rate of avoidable deaths in 2021 was 4% higher than the previous year. Half of the increase in the latest year is attributable to COVID-19 deaths which are considered preventable.

So, 1% in the last year is soaring?

Note the last bit about Covid deaths?

See this:

The cumulative Covid death rate in Scotland, on November 11 2022, remained the same as 7 days before at 226 per 100 000 but the rate in England continued to climb from 302 per 100 000 (34% higher) to 305 per 100 000.

The gap, which has been widening since April 2022, has now grown to 35%.

The explanations will be complex but given Scotland’s lower life expectancy level and problems with alcohol and drugs, must be attributed, at least in part, to more effective health care, government.

So, again, not so much soaring as flatlining?

As for cancer deaths falling, yes, but a mystery? Maybe not. See:


4 thoughts on “Mortality rate soaring? Oh no it isn’t!

  1. In media speak if something rises, however gently, it ‘soars’ or ‘surges’ or is a ‘tsunami’. If it falls, no matter how slightly, it ‘plummets’, plunges’ or ‘collapses’, usually ‘catastrophically’.

    And, when anything like that happens someone has to be blamed – ‘slammed’ in media speak – and ‘heads must roll’.

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  2. People who would have died from cancer. Died of Covid. Covid caused their death. Before they died and f cancer. Elderly people are more likely to die of cancer and covid. Underlying causes. Average life expectancy 79.


  3. The Scottish Gaelic v have mitigated cuts in funding NHS by Westminsterspennding more pronrata. Funding prescription. Scottish Gov funding social and personal care. People could isolate better in their own homes by following better clear Scottish Gov rules and guideline. Better pandemic governance.


  4. Propaganda at its most virulent !
    Had it not been for Fish and Chip shops needing wrapping paper most ”newspapers” would have died a lifetime ago .


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