Matt Hancock Fact Check: Sturgeon’s Covid plan saved many thousands

Matt Hancock’s metaphors are murder but I suppose a diet of wallaby willies may have infected his brain.

The facts, clearly not of interest to most former Tory ministers tell no lies.

The situation in Scotland compared to that in England, just as Hancock was moved on from Health Secretary, in late 2021:

The lowest infection rate in the UK, over the whole pandemic, by some way.

The lowest current infection rate by an even bigger gap as the new variant arrives.

The highest vaccination rate for all three vaccines but especially the booster jag.

The second lowest death rate, 25% lower than England, saving more than 3 000 lives.;jsessionid=Y9HSvHKjM9BOwqAMAFDbgT6A.unknown-host

From the WHO: England actually does relatively well coming 8th out the 31 surveyed but at only 68% of deaths averted by the vaccine programme, Scotland did 26.4% better.


The lowest death rate in care homes in the winter of 2020/21 due to following the JCVI vaccination guidelines fully, unlike England.

Finally, the second-lowest death rate in care homes in the first wave (April 2020), well below that in England:

Research from the University of Stirling, published in August demolished the first argument:

Care homes in England experienced the highest increase in excess deaths at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic compared to those in the rest of the UK, according to new research. A study – co-ordinated from the University of Stirling’s Management School – found that care homes in England recorded a 79 percent increase in excess deaths, compared to 66 percent in Wales, 62 percent in Scotland and 46 percent in Northern Ireland.

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8 thoughts on “Matt Hancock Fact Check: Sturgeon’s Covid plan saved many thousands

  1. The Mail highlights Hancock’s ‘bagpipe playing unicorn’. Setting aside the inherit racism of the quote, the four countries of the UK followed broadly the same plan, largely because Westminster holds the purse strings. Although the Scottish Government had wanted to impose restrictions earlier, it had neither the legal powers no the finance to do so.

    Once restrictions were in place, compliance in Scotland was far higher than in England and Wales, largely because the public trusted the Scottish Government. In England, the opposition of the right wing media and the cavalierly contemptuous attitude of Johnson, and his cronies led to huge scepticism amongst the public and lower compliance rates. Wales, having a long and porous border with England with many crossings each day, and a high proportion of residents who consider themselves ‘English’ and were contemptuous or the Welsh Government, had low compliance, too. So, the data for England and Wales are poorer than Scotland’s.

    Northern Ireland, being on an island and joined to a neighbour which had fairly high compliance, was, to a degree, quarantined by water and, loyalist headbangers notwithstanding, had a majority which was compliant. To a fair degree this is down to neither Tories, Labour or LibDems having any significant presence there.


    1. By catagories of the populationof each place. The demography. Scotland did even better, The elderly were the most likely to die. It is reported Scotland has a a demographic more elderly as a percentage porporation of the population. The ratio between the number of elderly women would also qualify. Elderly men over 70 were the ones more likely to die of Covid as opposed to younger proportion of people by percentage. Making it more likely Scotland did even better. Con

      Contradicting the reports that Scotland Gov was doing worse by comparison during the pandemic. The figures and statistics will now be collated to give a better overview of what was occurring. More realistic statistics.


  2. Politicians of all colours lie and change their minds when it suits their agenda. Why let facts get in the way.

    The newspaper should not have printed these lies either which simply makes them look equally pathetic.


  3. What we tend to forget with the passage of time and the subsequent propaganda deluge from Labour, Tory and the BBC in Scotland, and a certain baldy millionaire is that SG (as well as Wales and NI) essentially transcribed the UK’s Covid emergency Law into Scottish Law intact.

    Hancock’s ‘bagpipe playing unicorn’ may have pleased his mistress at the time in his own retrospective telling, but it sure as hell had no basis in reality, as his ex-wife will doubtless corroborate…

    I note the Scottish Daily Express is the only one left on a straight Google search of the phrase, turning up the same bunkum as Handcock wrote for the Mail but attributed to “John Glover – Trainee Reporter”, who doubtless thought his luck was in that morning being promoted from Toilet Attendant’s Assistant.


  4. Matt Handcovk is on the way out after insulting and killing so many people unnecessarily. Corrupt beyond contempt.

    Nicola will still be there caring for people and keeping them alive and well.


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