If we’re at a ‘tipping point’ then the rest of the UK must already be in the tip

According to the BBC, 1 in 10 Scots, 1 in 8 English, 1 in 7 N Irish and a shocking 1 in 5 Welsh are on hospital waiting lists.

Full details here:


According to Public Health Scotland in 2021 ‘the headcount of GPs in Scotland is 5,195. This is a rise of 74 GPs compared to last year.


According to the BBC in 2019: Scotland has the highest number of GPs per head of population in the UK, research commissioned by the BBC shows. Analysis by the Nuffield Trust think tank shows there are 76 GPs per 100,000 people, compared to a national UK average of 60.


The above is from 2019. I am aware of no more recent comparative data but, I’d put money on NHS Scotland being even further ahead.


6 thoughts on “If we’re at a ‘tipping point’ then the rest of the UK must already be in the tip

  1. It is accepted that any true democracy should have an effective opposition along with a broad media ready and able to scrutinise and where appropriate criticise/praise all Politicians, Government policies and actions. It is only in Scotland that we do not have such a luxury. In reality Scotland does not need opposition parties in Holyrood as the BBC and most other media outlets do the job for them and much more effectively.


    1. The BBC opposes, ie demonises the democratically elected government of Scotland at the behest of the BritNat state, they basically lie, sometimes they simply use gas lighting against the people. It’s not the same as a politicial opposition, and in fact the SNP/Greens are not perfect, but any opposition at Holyrood need to really scrape the barrel to come up with any hugely damaging policies. The ‘opposition’ in Scotland should be opposing the EngGov/cabal, their masters. They must have to do a lot of word salad stuff to keep twisting facts to portray Scotland and the ScotGov as the incompetent, destructive, and damaging outfit, when in reality, those attributes lie squarely at the door of their masters in London.


  2. Thankfully The Telegraph is keeping the people of England abreast of the appalling state of the NHS which serves them by highlighting the Scottish NHS…oops !


  3. People are getting their operationsand healthcare in Scotland. Just waiting a bit longer for non urgent care. People are getting urgent care as usual.

    If the nurses strike he Tories are finished. Gone.

    They have more than enough money to pay theworkers.

    The Tories cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020.
    The have spend £270 on Covid funding. £370Billion over a lifetime. They waste £Billionsand will not pay the workers. Or tax non Dom and the Oil & Gas industry.


  4. The Telegraph owned by non Dom tax evading Tories. The Barclay brothers. One dead. The other one threatened with jail, contempt of Court. Hewill ot pay his ex wife a divorce settlement. Evading tax. If people like that paid their tax there would be proper funding for the Health Service. Total hypocrites.


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