Hell hath no Ferry II: Shipyard owner ‘steals’ from Scottish taxpayers?

Let me get this right.

The Scottish Government gave £128 million to Ferguson Marine, wholly owned by Jim McColl, and his company spent it on something but they didn’t keep a record?

So, the buck stops where? McColl? Would the bosses have done such a thing without approval from the owner?

Does that headline need a wee tweak?


5 thoughts on “Hell hath no Ferry II: Shipyard owner ‘steals’ from Scottish taxpayers?

  1. I fully expect BBC Misreporting Scotland to doorstep Mr McColl with their Disclosures Team seeking answers to the ”missing money ”.
    This will be a ”Haud me back” moment in Holyrood as the opposition parties ,who are so concerned with the misuse of public money on ‘Ferries ” , will be demanding that Mr McColl is recalled to answer questions on this matter .

    Maybe not !


  2. I think this is the last day of the Heralds “Black Friday” deal where for 1p you can get four months subscription. Does that offer not tell a tale on the Herald as a viable newspaper. Roll up, roll up, get your bargain daily SNP scare story here.

    I am sure there was a ridiculous “ferry tale” a few days ago that was the same as one two months ago, they had just changed the headline.

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  3. Spend £Million to save £Billions in fuel. The money went into the local economy.
    £Billions being spent and wasted on Hinkley Point HS2 etc a total waste of money


  4. That’s bollocks, are they saying they handed out cash for work that wasn’t tendered for, without contracts, without purchase orders, without delivery tallies or even ultimately without any bank oversight.


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