NHS England requiring THREE TIMES as many agency staff than NHS Scotland

There is one mention of NHS Scotland in the above but, of course, no comparison.

From BBC Health today:

Spending in this area rose by 20% last year to hit £3bn in England.


From STV in August 2022:

Expenditure on locum agency nursing staff amounted to £92,295,816 in 2021-22.


Regulars know where I’m going. England has 10 times the population so, all things being equal, should have been spending around £920 million. NHS England spent £3 billion, more than three times as much pro rata.

As for the agency charging £2 500 a shift:

While the majority of health boards did not say the highest amount they had paid for someone to do a single shift, NHS Ayrshire and Arran revealed it had spent £1,710.98 on one nursing shift, while NHS Lothian has paid up to £1,903.09 per shift.


2 thoughts on “NHS England requiring THREE TIMES as many agency staff than NHS Scotland

  1. How many nursing agencies are non-profit ? How many are paying profits to shareholders ? How many have politicians as shareholders ?


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