A new ‘Sturgeon’ low by Tom Gordon?

The Herald’s images department head boy (14) dig ups another Nicola/Upset pic from their archives, to adorn another complete misrepresentation of reality by their lead Nicola obsessive since Macwhirter left, Tom Gordon.

None of it is true.

It’s a nationwide poll of civil service workers with no reported breakdown to tell us how the Scottish members voted.

So, you can say Sunak’s officials vote for strike action.

Why didn’t Tom Gordon go for the more accurate headline? A problem with younger competent women telling him what to do? Reading too much Jordan Peterson?

2 thoughts on “A new ‘Sturgeon’ low by Tom Gordon?

  1. I look forward to the many media articles and political parties spokespersons pointing out that , were the SG to meet every Trades Union demand for a cost-of-living + wage rise then the Scottish coffers would be empty .
    No doubt , Sarwar , DRoss and the Tailor’s Dummy will have intimated to the SG which budgets should be robbed and which taxes should be raised to pay the wage demands of workers – and which Scottish Ministers should be sacked for not complying with these demands .

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  2. The Herald, Tom Gordon and Greek Tragedy

    Aristotle argued that tragedy cleansed the heart through pity and terror, purging us of our petty concerns and worries by making us aware that there can be nobility in suffering. He called this experience ‘The Herald”.

    I made the very last bit up, but I am sure Aristotle would have agreed though.

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