Keir Starmer: SNP win in 2021 would be mandate for Indyref2

Sir Keir Starmer has confirmed he stands by his claims that if the SNP win Holyrood in 2021 they have a mandate for another referendum.

The Labour leader today insisted a vote was “not needed” but refused to rule out another referendum after being repeatedly confronted with the question.

Speaking to Sky’s Beth Rigby, Sir Keir first claimed the question was “hypothetical” and insisted he and Scottish Labour were focused on the “importance of rebuilding the economy in Scotland”.

He added: “We will be making the argument going into that election that this is not the time for another divisive independence referendum.”

However, after being accused of avoiding the question, he admitted he stood by his comments from January this year that another vote on independence would be democratic if Nicola Sturgeon’s party win next May.

He said: “Well, these issues are questions for Scotland. I do stand by that.”


3 thoughts on “Keir Starmer: SNP win in 2021 would be mandate for Indyref2

  1. I was wondering why this was confusing me until I realised the Scotsman article is from 2020.
    Maybe Starmer thinks we’re stupid or if they ignore the 2021 result, it hadn’t happened

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