A far better pupil-teacher ratio and no planned redundancies: Is SNP Government better?

BBC England: Children at Eaton Valley Primary School in West Bromwich

BBC England and the Guardian are headlining stories of imminent staff reductions.

The National in Scotland has: ‘More than half’ of England’s schools planning ‘catastrophic’ staff redundancies

Try searching for ‘Teacher redundancies Scotland’ and you just get the English reports.

Will this matter too much? Surely England’s schools are so much better than those in Scotland? Hasn’t Prof Paterson been on Radio 4 telling the UK how bad we are? Haven’t all of the opposition Education spokespersons said the same.

In 2019 in the run-up to the General Election, BBC Scotland told us:

The number of teachers in Scotland is at a ten-year high. The number topped 52 000. That’s up nearly 300 on the last year’s total BUT the total’s still lower than it was when the SNP took office.

They didn’t tell us:

In 2018 it was 13.8 pupils for every teacher. That was an improvement on 13.9 in 2017. In primary schools the ratio was 16.1 and in secondary schools, 12.3.


As with A&E statistics, we didn’t get any idea of how comparatively good or bad this was but, in England, the ratios were far worse at 20.9 pupils per teacher in primary schools and 16.3 in secondary schools, 33.9%  and 24.5% worse.


Not much fat to cut there.


5 thoughts on “A far better pupil-teacher ratio and no planned redundancies: Is SNP Government better?

    1. James
      May i suggest that usage of lampposts by both The Herod and ABC ( BBC )
      Is actually it more canine in nature
      Especially so as their use of stats. emancipate a strong aroma of ammonia and leaves a tell tale wet signature truly befitting of dogs
      But as usual their barks are as useless as their bites

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