Official figures suggest 98% of charging points working but BBC Scotland’s fearless Disclosure team find someone

BBC Scotland’s Disclosure team have a track record of following the wrong lorry of calves to Spain and interviewing an old lady upset at the lack of pandrops in her care home. Well, to be fair, it was a lack of exercise activities.

Meanwhile, their equivalents elsewhere follow violent football thugs or fascist groups hiding in the valleys of Wales.

Today, you can see their courageous reporter sitting in an electric car with a young women saying excitedly that she now sees other e-car drivers as ‘the competition.’

It’s the headline story for BBC Scotland:

The team claim to have checked all 2 200 public charging points and found a quarter with issues.

They used an app to check and did not physically visit any of the sites.

The app is deeply unreliable as a data source getting only a 1.8 out of 5 star rating from App Store:

One review described it as the ‘worst software ever’:

They don’t tell us how many of the ‘issues’ meant that the charging point could absolutely not be used.

Ironically, bottom-right, Douglas Fraser is calling for better quality data!


5 thoughts on “Official figures suggest 98% of charging points working but BBC Scotland’s fearless Disclosure team find someone

  1. Since Sunak became Prime Minister, there has been a substantial increase in the proportion of items of Good Morning Scotland attacking the SG or Scotland in general. They always had a fair number, but it now sounds as if the amount of cavilling has increased. Then they gave a ‘puff’ to Matt Hancock who is appearing on “I’m a Celebrity “. It was very much along the lines of “Boris is a card, isn’t he? He might be a rogue but he’s a loveable one.” They also used it to resurrect Kevin Dugdale, who is now purporting to be an ‘academic’.

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  2. Well it was pretty clear a Disclosure article entitled “Unreliable App proves unpopular” wasn’t really what the boss wanted hence including “installed using Scottish government grants” in the second paragraph to introduce the angle they wanted, Councils and the Transport Minister to follow.

    It is word noting what Laura Young actually is in quotes as saying versus what is implied she said – Was it Kevin Keane or Emma Snodgrass who said “the crumbling public charging infrastructure” to which Laura responded “pack this in” ?

    IIRC Dundee has taken massively to EVs and overtaken the speed of public charging stations – At least one taxi firm switched their entire fleet to EVs, it was on BBC Scotland news as well as new charging station opened within a year – A mammoth enough task once the power cables are put in.

    IIRC from an earlier survey ca90% of private EV owners had their own property and charging facility, so “Less Waste Laura, lives in a second floor flat in Dundee, with no driveway, so she is entirely reliant on public charging” is far removed from the average.

    For sure the infrastructure has to improve, but so has the BBC’s Disclosure.

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  3. If the BBC Disclosure team had any statistical ability and I do have my doubts on that, then they would take the results of the “App” and then do an actual test of a percentage of the units that were deemed not to be working and not working, just to ensure what they presented was a reasonable assessment with some justification or that what was liable to be presented was pure mince.

    It would seem that the method they are using, and then presenting as fact, would be marked down at Secondary school level.

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