EV charging points update: Has BBC Scotland made a howler?

The complainer: Image: BBC Scotland

While walking the dog, I’ve had further thoughts on my previous post. Here’s what BBC Scotland’s Disclosure team claim:

Almost a quarter of Scotland’s public charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) were faulty when BBC Disclosure did spot-checks on the network.

A snapshot over a six-week period of the state of the 2,200 chargers installed using Scottish government grants uncovered issues at 535 units.

Faults ranged from broken plugs and screens to the system being offline.

Transport Scotland said it would review the data but its own measurements suggested only a 2% fault rate.


To do a ‘spot-check’ and conclude that almost a quarter were faulty, you’d need to check all 2 200 within the same hour. A charging point can be offline one minute and on the next.

In the space of a six-week survey, a charging point could be faulty for one day and then repaired for the rest of the survey period.

So, unless you can reliably, using an online app, have it tell you how many are faulty at the same time time, you cannot claim what BBC Scotland have claimed.

Maybe the software can do this and maybe I’m being the old guy again. Readers will advise.

Because, if it took the researchers six weeks to check the 2 200 charging point, then that’s a sample of 42 days times 2 200 or 92 400 days in which checks found only 535 faults.

Maybe the official records use a more reliable method of data collection?


8 thoughts on “EV charging points update: Has BBC Scotland made a howler?

  1. “….. 2,200 chargers installed using Scottish government grants …..” This is the point of the ‘story’. It is to link something ‘bad’ to the SG

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    1. Which is actually a good thing. because another 2200 chargers are available to the public.
      From this point forward.
      What we need is for the government to select the safest, fastest, environmentally friendly charging connection/system. Even if they have to design and manufacture it themselves, then install them on mass.
      That way the manufacturers will have to match the existing infrastructure. Instead of ‘our ones best cos it’s got pink dots’.
      The same system as Mr Gillette with blades for all razors, but this time we get to dictate how it will be.
      “Charge your car/bike/scooter while your having coffee/tea/shopping/in the gym, certainly right this way”

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  2. The BBC has a lot to answer for their bias Against our country they are doing this to curry the favor of Westminster to save the union so they won’t Scrap the License fees,that would kill the BBC stone dead if they had to go for Subscription revenues let them reap what’s coming to them in an INDEPENDENT Scotland .

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  3. You are absolutely correct – This “Disclosure” story has more holes in it than a sieve, but we’ve been here before with this particular outfit.

    It’s nakedly political propaganda, else why focus on the “2,200 chargers installed using Scottish government grants” in the first place, when their funding was to get the ball rolling on EV charging in Scotland.

    We should be used to James Cook’s antics by now, so from the horse’s mouth https://www.gov.scot/publications/foi-202200272119/#:~:text=There%20are%20currently%202162%20publicly,23%20January%202022%20is%202136.
    1.2%, whereas the other end of the horse is “Almost a quarter of Scotland’s public charging points”

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    1. Thanks
      There are currently 2162 publicly available charge points installed on the ChargePlace Scotland network as at 23 January 2022.
      The total figure operational on the ChargePlace Scotland network as at 23 January 2022 is 2136.

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      1. Most welcome – I doubt that 1.2% varies much across the year when the O&M operator has a performance contract and this figure was in winter.
        Presumably HMS James Cook and the “Disclosure” team were using a wide angle lens for that “snapshot” to get that horse’s arse in focus… Perhaps if James had left the field of view…

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  4. So good news, the Scottish government are installing lots of charge points, brilliant.
    I’ve seen cars plugged in to the ones around us, I think it’s free to charge their cars?
    About five years ago a friend who had a small electric car, was driving most of Scotland using charging points installed by the Scottish government and he was very happy it was free. In England there were not free to use.

    The BBC would tell us Scotland and the democratically elected government of Scotland is making a hash if things even if the streets were paved with (Australian extracted) Scottish gold! The British state knew what they were doing when they banned Scotland from having their own broadcasting powers. A canny lot, them English.
    Ps, in Geordie dialect, ‘canny’ means, nice, not financially scheming. 😉

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