Will women’s groups condemn ‘whipped’ Scottish Labour for their undivided support of gender recognition plans?

BBC Scotland, followed no doubt by the ‘Scottish’ newspapers tomorrow, has headlined this as a crisis for the SNP Government as 7 SNP MSPs voted against ‘Scottish government plans to make it easier for someone to change their legally-recognised gender.’

Whether or not these plans are justifiable or not is clearly a controversial matter but the media coverage is simple.

The SNP was divided, as were the Conservatives, where Jamie Greene and Sandesh Gulhane voted in favour.

Only Scottish Labour, who whipped to support the legislation, recorded no votes against, making them the party most supportive of the legislation. Watch out for that in headlines?

The last two points are not mentioned in the BBC report:



3 thoughts on “Will women’s groups condemn ‘whipped’ Scottish Labour for their undivided support of gender recognition plans?

  1. C4 News this evening also focused on the Scottish Government minister resigning. It reported that the Scottish Government won the vote but (a) no details of by how much, (b) no mention that Labour, Lib Dems and Greens ALL voted with the Scottish Government, and (c) no mention of split in Tory vote.

    So on what has been stoked into such a controversial issue, C4 News failed to inform viewers properly, especially since the clip they showed of a Tory MSP speaking in the debate has her arguing that the “SNP” by pressing ahead with this legislation is ignoring public opinion.

    Cross-party support is important to report to counter this unsubstantiated Tory charge.

    IMHO a very poor show from C4 News!!!

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    1. I am surprised that you expected something better from Ch4 News. Despite its reputation amongst many as the best of the TV news bulletins, in my view this is unjustified. It has always reported things in Scotland from an oppositionist standpoint. The correspondent, Ciaran Jenkins always presents his reports in a manner hostile to Scotland. When interviewing SNP MPs they are faced with continual interruptions and the tone, particularly from Cathy Newman, Fatima Manji and Krishna’s Guru-Murthy is sneering.

      It was similarly hostile to Jeremy Corbyn, who was invariably attacked.

      So, what you say does not surprise me at all.

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