Reliance on England: With half the crime and 50% more officers?

One of the Scotsman’s dafter headlines today suggesting that Police Scotland might rely on England.

I’ll be quick.


In the year ending June 2022, the police in Scotland recorded 285,974 crimes. This was 5% lower than the 300,747 crimes recorded in the year ending June 2021, and 5% lower than the 301,376 crimes recorded in the year ending June 2018.,the%20year%20ending%20June%202018.

In England & Wales in the year ending March 2022 overall crime returned to and exceeded pre-coronavirus pandemic levels. The 6.3 million crimes recorded was 4% higher compared with the year ending March 2020.

All things being equal, with roughly 11 times the population, England and Wales might have been expected to record around 3 million crimes but recorded more than 6 million. So, overall, crime is twice higher in England & Wales than it is in Scotland, after more than a decade of two governments.


In 2021, per 10,000 of population, Scotland had around 32 police officers – compared to around 21 in England and Wales:


Six English police forces are in special measures, none in Scotland are:


8 thoughts on “Reliance on England: With half the crime and 50% more officers?

  1. Is not a good job that the crimes against humanity
    Committed by Westminster over hundreds of Years and continue to do so today
    Are NOT placed upon the register
    If you want to see the catalogue of such heinous
    Crimes they are most difficult to find such amongst UK records, but easy to find in the records and literature of the peoples of theNations of whom such crimes were perpetrated
    So much so that the UK deployed special personnel
    In colonies who were soon to become Independent
    To destroy in a fastidious and expeditiously all written evidence of the many inhumane crimes committed

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  2. Do the figures for England include all the crimes the Police, especially the Met Police, in England don’t even turn up to investigate such is their shortage of manpower? Over the last couple of weeks there have been news reports about this in the media. It has reached quite incredible levels.

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  3. You really have to admire the Scotsman and the other rags that in their downward spiral they are still holding their Unionist line. When wee Rich Sunak was falsely boasting about the 15K’extra’ Police he conveniently forgot the 20k the Tories have already shredded from the police in England on top of the 25K support staff and the 600 Police station closures since they came to power. He sure is learning fast from his chum Bojo and the MSmedia that lying can fool some of the English people all of the time.

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