SNP at 58% as Scottish Labour trail behind UK Labour again

People Polling for 20 October (1 158), based on those selecting a party, puts Labour at 53% and the Cons at 14%.

In the Scottish subset (109), it’s SNP at 58%, Labour at 22% and Cons at 3%!*.12

I know, the Scottish sample is too small to be significant but, taken with several others, it means something – Sarwar has little appeal.


6 thoughts on “SNP at 58% as Scottish Labour trail behind UK Labour again

  1. I suggest it’s not just Sarwar, the Westminster based party political has lost it’s appeal even to those who were once man-and-boy Labour because it’s all become a sham.

    eg – I caught a clip earlier of John Lamont’s set piece with Penny Mordaunt in Westminster, lies and disinformation from beginning to end, but it’s all a show for the showmen present.
    Similarly Starmer’s evisceration of Truss was pure theatre from beginning to end, another show for the showmen present.
    All of this is gushed over by the luvvies in the media despite it changing next to nothing in people’s daily lives caused by the latest mess of HMG creation.

    There was a post by Richard Murphy on his blog featuring a RussInCheshire tweet which presented analysis of the Tory Party, but BTL comment rightly highlighted Labour are as much riven as the Tories, and are equally courting finance and support much as Bliar did with Murdoch.

    Politics may once have been influenced by powerful lobbies and financial interests, but never has it been so blatant.
    In short honest UK democracy is dead, politics sold to the highest bidder.

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  2. Also the media in general are almost accepting of the direction political parties take with barely any analysis of the dependence by parties on rich donors and the protection allowed to shareholders ahead of today’s hard working poor. A little more heart and compassion needs to be reflected against the bashing culture directed at benefit claimants, working or otherwise. Its as if Government policies have no bearing on their situation.

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  3. Tom Gordon had Labour in the doldrums in 2015 and losing “huge numbers” to the SNP.
    In FACT, Labour were neck and neck with the Tories and had a swing to them of 3.6% in England in the 2015 election.
    “Doldrums” pish!
    Fantasy journalism from a “Once upon a time Prince Labour ruled the Kingdom and the people were happy”, scribbler.

    Of course, if Labour wins the GE, then they will need tame media people in the Scottish Office.
    Expect much more pro-Labour sycophancy in the “Scottish” press.

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  4. My view of all this current media frenzy is that once more they are not only completely ignorant of the shifts politically in Scotland,but more dangerously for the Union
    They are totally completely
    Ignorant of what really motivates Scots,most of whom deep down and instinctively want real change to become a responsible, caring , equitable and wellbeing prosperous society
    Whist the MSM and all the London politically centric
    Only desire business as usual and hit the accelerator towards the cliff edge once more
    Therefore I am certain that
    If a aggregate of say 5 Scottish only large number
    Polls were taken now
    Then the result will blow them upon their backs this time
    At worst my strong gut instincts tell me Indy would be in high 50,s
    And at best in Low 60,s
    Little do they realise that just like in 2014 when the starting gun was fired support for indy was at the low 30,s % but shockingly for them 2 weeks prior the vote support for Indy surged to 51% , inducing total panic in Unionist and MSM ranks all leading to the infamous so called Vow

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  5. ”Sarwar has little appeal ” – au contraire !
    He has sewn up the votes of the Millionaire , Yes , I will pay for a Labour Peerage , don’t give a f*ck for the little people brigade !
    Plus that buffoon dressed up a a monkey ( who knew ? ) from the GMB !

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  6. An average of the last five sub-samples can sometimes clarify matters. It is not scientific, but my experience is that it usually comes pretty close to a realistic figure.


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