UK Covid infections surge 25% above Scotland but no worries?

BBC Scotland and BBC UK/England are no longer interested in Covid infection rates. BBC Health seems largely relaxed judging by the positioning of its report, bottom, second left.

Why? Is it this?

Remember, that 0.7% difference between Scotland and the UK/England means hundreds of thousands of additional cases in England and tens of thousands fewer in Scotland.

What about the trend?

Covid infections are climbing everywhere in the UK other than in Scotland. Surely some political group gets some credit? They’d get the blame if it was the other way up.


4 thoughts on “UK Covid infections surge 25% above Scotland but no worries?

  1. Lets not forget these two massive words
    Long Covid
    Why because they are one of the largest pieces of the
    Current economic collapse
    How – due to English incompetence the resultant numbers of long covid is and will continue to do for a very very very long time by way of removing persons who were able, fit and capable to help with the correct policies to make a real difference to productivity and growth but now renderered unfit to help
    Do you honestly believe the Scientific advisors did not convey the high degree of such probabilities of high numbers of long covid
    Arising whilst Boris and his nefarious allies implemented
    The Government covid responses
    Ah but Boris had his eyes fixed on as how to take full
    Advantage and make a fortune for themselves and their partners in crime
    May I quote a old Islamic Turkish proverb
    ” When a clown enters the Kings palace , then the palace becomes the circus ”
    So far in just a few years not only have 4 clowns enter the palace but a long queue
    Of such clowns patiently await their opportunity to be the next clown
    Westminster,s motto these days appears to be
    ” Bring in the Clowns ”
    Next please, form a orderly
    Queue please


      1. James
        You ask to what possibly go
        Because all matters are in the Past Tense now
        What happens as of now are merely consequential amplifying effects of the cause which was the Fiscal Event of Truss
        You cannot hatch a chicken from eggs that have been cracked for scrambled egg
        A old wise Buddhist proverb
        ” Always be mindful that as you cast the smallest of stones upon the calmest of waters
        That such may cause the biggest of waves ”
        Ah but Eton & Oxbridge in their lust to spew out those that shall govern us
        Know naught of what I speak


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