Significant progress in clearing a third of two year waits evades BBC Scotland

From the Scottish Government today but reported in a different manner by BBC Scotland and opposition parties (above):
The number of people waiting two years for a scheduled hospital appointment has significantly reduced, helping ease pressure on the NHS ahead of the winter.

This follows intensive work from Health Boards to clear backlogs caused by the pandemic. The national target to clear two year inpatient waits in most specialities by the end of September was set in summer to address the impact of the pandemic on long waiting times for planned care.

New figures show that by the end of September, 60% (18 out of 30) of all inpatient specialities had fewer than 10 patients waiting over two years for treatment.  The Scottish Government continues to work closely with Health Boards to clear remaining waits as soon as possible, with a specific focus on specialities and areas where there are larger amounts of people waiting. This includes maximising and re-allocating NHS Golden Jubilee University National Hospital’s capacity, a new mobile operating theatre at Stracathro to support long waiting patients in Grampian and the development of a new Urology Hub in Fife.

New National Treatment Centres opening in NHS Fife, Forth Valley and Highland next year will also create significant additional capacity to treat patients in orthopaedics.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said: “It is through the dedication and resilience of NHS staff that we have been able to clear a significant amount of two year inpatient waits. “This is a positive step forward in our recovery from the pandemic and will help ease pressure on the NHS over winter. “But challenges remain and there are still unacceptable waits in Orthopaedics, General Surgery and Urology – I am determined to provide the support necessary to drive improvements in these specialities.”

Background Public Health Scotland report

Deep in the BBC report:

The figure for waits of two years or more has seen a significant reduction since the last Public Health Scotland release on 30 June, when it stood at 10,066.

4 thoughts on “Significant progress in clearing a third of two year waits evades BBC Scotland

  1. “…but reported in a different manner by BBC Scotland and opposition parties” is by far the greater problem – Scots do not have an honest media appraisal of real circumstances because the airspace is so dominated by propaganda fronts such as HMS James Cook, which nonsense generated then dominates UK news to fill the gaps in information over West Bromwich etc., the classic Torches and Pitchforks game the Tories have played for centuries…

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  2. Totally OT but mildly amusing to an old fart such as myself – Read the headline on the BBC/UK page on Suella (Sue Ellen) Braverman’s blistering resignation letter and thought to see what she was frothing over only to open the BBC’s “Live” reporting, so gave that up as a bad idea.
    Then thought to check BBC/Scotland/Politics since it appears to have been swamped of late by matters Westminster, and there was the same link as BBC/UK in prime slot. So according to HMS James Cook what Scots should only be interested in over THEIR politics is in order –
    UK Politics – Live : Braverman quits and Tory MPs in fracking vote chaos
    Scotland – Unattributed but Labour’s propaganda unit : More than 7,000 people wait over two years for hospital treatment
    Scotland Politics – Philip Sim : Are we really one year away from a Scottish referendum?
    UK Business – Lora Jones : Soaring food prices push inflation to 40-year high
    Scotland Politics – Unattributed : PM Truss has days to turn this around or quit, says MSP Smith
    Scotland – Unattributed but running for what seems over a week : MP Margaret Ferrier faces UK Parliament watchdog probe
    Scotland – Unattributed but either Disaster Gulhane or Tsunami Baillie : NHS Scotland: Record number of A&E patients wait over eight hours

    Is it any wonder the BBC is disregarded with such contempt in Scotland…

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  3. Can’t imagine why BBC Scotland thought Scots would be uninterested in Ian Blackford’s star turn at PMQT today, considering how Scots pensioners can now expect to see a 10.1% increase in their state pension from April next year.

    With his two questions, the SNP leader prompted the PM into committing the UK government into increasing the state pension in line with inflation not once, but twice!

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