Covid ICU cases in Scotland plummet to less than a quarter of UK level – why?

All things being equal, England should have around 40 cases of Covid 19 in ICU but has 221, more than 5 times what might be expected.

All things are clearly not equal.

Here’s one possible explanation:

By July 2021, 100% of Scotland’s care home residents had been fully vaccinated for some time. 97.6% of staff had the first vaccination and 94.4% had the second dose:

In England, the situation was less reassuring, despite the PM’s claims of a ‘world-beating’ rollout. 98.5% of residents had both jags in English care homes for the elderly but only 78.4% of staff were fully vaccinated. This was a very disturbing figure:

I notice our MSM seem to have gone quiet on the ‘crisis’ narratives in NHS Scotland, other than mental health absences confused and stirred up by the fourth party (Lib Dems). With significantly more beds, nurses and doctors than the UK and falling numbers in ICU, it would take some imagining.


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