Scottish Labour suffer electoral dysfunction

There have been between 20 and 30 polls since the Labour surge began in late September. The small Scottish sub-polls within these have largely confirmed that there has been no Labour surge at the expense of the SNP but only redistribution among the Unionist parties with Scottish Labour averaging below 30%, the Tories at around 12% and the SNP stable around 45%.

The above prediction that the SNP could fall to only 37 MPs at Westminster is an outlier.

In terms of full polls, on 4 October, YouGov had Labour at 30% and Savanta ComRes had them at 26%. At the same time, UK Polls had Labour at between 48% and 52%!


3 thoughts on “Scottish Labour suffer electoral dysfunction

  1. Well I guess we should be thankful that at least the SNP are predicted to get 37 because according to Good Morning Britain they didn’t get any !!! Just the Tories, Labour and Lib dems were showing. That I think clearly shows what the MSM thinks about Scotland.


    1. I suspect that the seat projection will have been done on the assumption of a uniform swing in all parts of the UK (except Northern Ireland, which is ignored completely by the parties)


  2. ”We are the unifiers of the nation ” – based on a UK poll – does Anas mean HE and Scottish (sic) Labour are unifying the UK ?
    A tad arrogant for a man leading a party that in Scotland that can’t fill a tandem with their MPs .

    OR is he just ambitious enough to be happy that he is First Loser in Scottish elections to the SNP


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