Poll: More than half of patients see no sign of a crisis in NHS Scotland

Image: csp.org.u

Small samples I know but far larger than a typical Reporting Scotland, Herald or Scotsman vox pops sample, typically, 2 to 5.

  1. NHS Patients:

More than half experiencing no crisis at all and less than 1 in 5 reporting one?

2. NHS Staff

Not quite a crisis with only 1 in 3 agreeing?

3. Care home relatives/friends

Again not quite a crisis and these are folk who wouldn’t hold back if there was one.

4. Care home staff:

Similar and they’d know.

4 thoughts on “Poll: More than half of patients see no sign of a crisis in NHS Scotland

  1. The BBC are trying bless ’em, but, most people know, (who use the NHS and it’s most people), that the SNHS is treating them and their family members effectively and appropriately and that the Scottish government with the SNP running the country, are doing a very good job of mitigating cuts to heathcare services by the English government.

    Btw I was wondering who that lady is doing an impression of? 🙂


  2. NHS crisis is being manufactured by the Tories .The real reason that LizTruss has crashed the public finances is so the Tories can come out and announce that we cannot afford the NHS, as the country we are bankrupt. This will enable their pals to make millions are our expense engorging themesleves in selling us private health care. But they will still be able to squander 200billion on Trident to keep their Banana republic at the top table of the UN, pretending they are a big fish in the sea. Nothing is as it seems in UK,Ok.
    Desolve the Union.

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