6th sub-poll, during SNP conference, with no Labour surge in Scotland

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From Redfield and Winton based on data collected on 10 October, Labour UK ride high at 41% over the Cons at 15% and 20% who don’t know but, in Scotland, Labour are at only 20% and in a poll not including the SNP but on the day of their conference finale, 42% don’t seem to know. https://redfieldandwiltonstrategies.com/latest-gb-voting-intention-9-october-2022/

So, half the support for Labour in Scotland and twice the level of the biggest group, the don’t knows.

After the fifth sub-poll, Labour were averaging 28% against 46% for the SNP and 10% for the Cons.

This latest one brings the Labour average down to 26.6% and looking like just Con refugees and suggesting little taste for Sarwar.

Sub-polls have small samples, between 1 and 200, which on their own are not reliable but that’s 6 now with more than 1 000 Scots, saying the same thing – damp squib!


8 thoughts on “6th sub-poll, during SNP conference, with no Labour surge in Scotland

  1. I have lost count of the number of Scottish ( sic ) Labour renaissances there have been since Jack-the -lad McConnell scurried off to the House of Horrors leaving behind the debris of what used to be a party that stood up for the poor , the disadvantaged , the working person etc…
    Today Scottish ( sic ) Labour is simply the Other Tory Party in Scotland with an unapologetic , millionaire exploiter of working people as its leader !

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    1. Just how a branch office party in Scotland can ever possibly defy gravity or turn the tide back far less make the Earth flat is way beyond any thinking Mans
      consideration far less surge ahead in the Scottish

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  2. And yet the “Scottish” media are awash with tales of Labour winning Scottish seats ho-ro. Much of this follows the narrative of Prof James Mitchell, a Labour Lovie writ large, that somehow, Scots will recall the “good ol’ days” of the Scottish Labour hegemony in Scotland.
    Remember? The Three Jimmies, Georgio Ffoulksakia (before his ermine knickers), Wullie Bain, Anas Sarwar (aye, the very same), Wee Duggie Alexander and all the rest of the free-loading dross.
    The Labour MP’s are gone, some to the Lords (“We will abolish the Upper House”–hahahaha), but the gutter press are still full to the gunnels of Labour propagandists.

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  3. Just to point out that Shir Keir Shtarmer has ripped up every promise he made when standing to be leader.
    He sacks party members and officials with unholy glee.
    He is a one-man (right wing) band intent on building a pale imitation Tory party.
    Trust him at your peril.
    What he says today, he will deny tomorrow.

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    1. gavinochiltree
      I assure you 100% That Sir Keith has been brutally informed by the real powers and behind the scene dark forces that he has been selected as the next PM but with the strictest of caveats such as No to Indy
      Other wise the darkest of forces will unleash the Mad Dogs and make him unelectable
      So so few realise the consequences of £ = $1
      And Scottish assets being removed from r UK balance sheet
      Matters are now so bad that if so England for ever a 3rd world economy and no way back ever
      That how high the stakes are now
      World economists and fiscal Snr.Managers are now looking at UK in a completely different manner and applying new criteria that is reserved for
      Developing corrupt tin pot regimes in that they now consider that GDP, Trade deficit, Debt ratio and fixed
      Assets as main criteria if and under what conditions to offer a loan to them
      Republic of Ireland credit
      Rating AAA+
      UK now downgraded to Negative
      Everything is now being thrown up in the air now
      And matters shall most certainly never return to Normal
      England are now at more Peril than they were in 1940 or from The Spanish Armada
      They gonna need a huge amount of luck as the spinning roulette wheel upon which Truss placed her bets, Stops
      She already loses no matter what even if she completely reverses tax cuts and NI decrease
      The World markets spotted her stupid and wreck less
      Tax give away to super rich
      Cost £ 2 billion
      Today and so far £ 728 billion wiped for ever from UK balance sheet and that is why World markets were able to see all the filth under the carpet as her Chancellor lifted it to sweep the dirt of his fiscal event under
      What they saw has well and truly spooked them
      As to how ever possibly they can get any money back from the monies already lent or to be loaned
      The next and final stage for
      UK is loan payment default
      Welcome to the future and it ain’t orange
      Its black and very bleak
      Time for Scotland to take a Harp and let,s get the hell
      Oot from here ASAP

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  4. Labour UK are gas lighting the people of Scotland. In Scotland either they will manage to rig the vote at the next GE, or force people to vote Labour, (voter ID by then?) or be forever treated as humans by the SNP, the nasty nats, keeping you and your country afloat against huge odds, terrible.

    McConnell, lying scheming trougher, and his Labour/Tory pals in the House of Lords should hang their heads in shame for shafting Scotland, doing nothing whatsoever good for the people of Scotland. I have been sorting (sort of) through the many books I have and need to get rid of, (I just can’t) and have a big book called, ‘Natural resources in Scotland’ (note, not ‘of) published in 1961. It was in the library of Somerset and ‘cancelled’ so I bought it in a charity shop, in Edinburgh. An account of a ‘symposium at the royal society of Edinburgh, and published by, ‘Scottish council, development and industry’. Hmm, it’s 796 pages long. I have a book called ‘Scotland’s Parliament’ by the ‘Scottish Office’ more a pamplet in fact. Published, July 1977, all 43 pages of it. It cost £6.50 at the time, not cheap and why was it not given out for free to the people of Scotland, for all it would have been worth it however.

    796 pages about Scotland’s resources, 43 pages about the Scottish parliament and how it would be run. These publications put side by side typifies how Scotland has been stolen from and scammed, even after their ‘parliament’ (which was only meant to be an expensive talking shop and jobs for the boys working for England’s government) and it is still being scammed out of £billions every year.

    The Scottish parliament is a threat to the BritNat state, because it is not just a talking shop as was intended, not now, not with actual Scottish parties voted in by the people of Scotland.

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  5. Torygraph headline:—

    “Bank of England forced to intervene to prevent pensions ‘fire sale'”!

    THAT is where we are at.
    The lowest pensions in Europe, and they are on a shoogly peg.

    And STILL Scottish Labour put the Union above the interests of the people who vote for them.
    “No, no, don’t call us Tories–we are WORSE that that”.

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    1. gavinochiltree
      With due respect the importance of What BOE done today few realise what and you will hear no reference to it by the MSM
      all because what BOE done
      Was not only buy UK government Gilts and Bonds to sell to Investors
      They index linked them and inflation proofed them
      This is the very 1st time in history that such has been done
      So why you must ask
      Answer evidence was gathering rapidly that private UK pension funds were about to in considerable volumes be placed in a ” Fire Sale ”
      That would be castrophic
      Worse than the credit crunch
      It is a Golden Rule that once you spook the International money markets it then becomes very difficult not only to calm them down far less keep them calm
      That is why the markets when they became aware of what and who held the packages of sub prime mortgages
      That the Banks collapsed with terrifying speed and Central Banks had to embark upon money printing and Quantative easing
      Otherwise complete fiscal
      Melt down
      The current scenario with Sterling could be of equal magnitude if the markets
      Become even more spooked
      Watch this space Truss and the Tories are no longer in control of unfolding events
      Money has NO PRINCIPLES ever

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