28% surge in NHS dental treatment


From Public Health Scotland today but not appearing in ‘the news’:

The number of examinations paid in August 2022 was 238,838; an increase of 28% compared to July 2022 (186,714). There were 327,948 NHS primary dental claims in August 2022. This represents an increase of 25% from 261,537 in July 2022.


These are monthly data in a trend, overall, upward from nearly 0 in April 2020, so more reliable than the weekly figures so loved by the likes of Tom Gordon at the Herald.

In August BBC Scotland preferred to work the data to get this kind of thing: Four in five of Scotland’s dentists refuse new NHS patients

Not so much a moral panic as a molar one?

3 thoughts on “28% surge in NHS dental treatment

  1. These figures are likely a reflection of the constant , positive NHS publicity issuing from the BBC , Labour and Tory spokespersons who paint such a healthy picture of Scotland’s NHS .
    Or maybe IN SPITE of the vitriol indirectly aimed at our NHS .

    By continually sniping at the SG and the Health Minister do they not realise that , indirectly , they are undermining the great work that is done by everyone in the Scottish NHS ?
    Clearly they don’t – or worse , they just don’t care !

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    1. I contributed to September’s ‘surge’ in dental statistics. 😉

      My NHS Scotland dental practice is excellent and I recommended them to family members when they needed to have dental treatment.

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  2. Ah, but that is because the Scots have such bad teeth because of the diet of cakes, Irn Bru and fried Mars bars so they need more NHS dental treatment as they are too mean to pay for private treatment and private dentists won’t take them because they often bite since they are not genetically programmed to be able to do what other people can do.

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