Scotland’s Covid levels fall to only half that in England

Not, of course, in the public interest, unlike:

Scotland’s Covid levels remain highest in UK: BBC Scotland on the 30 September.

The rate in Scotland as of 5 October, 7.5 cases per 100K and falling compared to 14.9 per 100K and climbing in England.


6 thoughts on “Scotland’s Covid levels fall to only half that in England

  1. When the English upsurge was reported the chap on BBC mumbled that the Scottish figures were “not that clear.” So we knew that they were much lower. You just have to laugh.

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    1. Yes, I thought that was a very odd thing to say!

      I guess anything that would show Scotland in a good light cannot be broadcast, especially when the SNP Party conference is on

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  2. Again the other day Dr.Campbell with his international audience on YouTube muttered something about Scotland having fewer cases than England but said along the lines of, but that’s nothing good because their numbers have been higher before. I looked at the data at Travelling Tabby, and the difference is huge. Cases in England are very high in comparison. Scotland cannot be seen to be doing better than England in any way. It’s a sort of jealousy and also anti Scottish, putting Scotland down in front of a huge audience. Quite unprofessional imo.

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  3. Yes England cases rising but ONS has Scotland steady at 1/45 and England 1/50. On this measure we still have the higher rate. Confirmed cases depend on testing.


    1. ‘The estimated percentage of people living in private households (those not in care homes or other communal establishments) testing positive for COVID-19 was:’

      ONS data less reliable than that used by FT?


  4. Ft England 15 cases / 100k. ONS survey estimate England 2000 cases / 100k

    Ft is actual test results. Ons an estimate based on random tests.
    Both agree that England’s cases are rising faster than ours are.


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