Flagship Fiasco!

‘Ferry fiasco’ has been a favourite for the delayed Calmac ferries, expected now to cost £240 million. The media and opposition frenzy has positively frothed and SNP ministers have been told to resign.

The two new Royal Navy aircraft carriers costing, so far, £7.7 billion, are in deep trouble too. HMS Prince of Wales, the NATO flagship, is in dock now for the third time, as NATO confronts threats in the Black and South China Seas. Speaking personally, I’m quite happy with this situation but surely our current UK Government, keen to project English, sorry British, power beyond Portsmouth must be concerned. As for the UK media and the Labour opposition, why are they not stirring up this far bigger fiasco?

7 thoughts on “Flagship Fiasco!

  1. They are not “stirring up”, because it would be ‘unpatriotic’ and besides, it would let ‘our enemies’ know there is a problem and we would be invaded.

    In any case, were these ships not built on the Clyde? Is that not evidence that Scots are “not genetically programmed” to run our own affairs.


  2. These 2 carriers were built
    Mainly at the behest of the US when America re calibrated its forces away from the Middle East and Europe in order to contain China and 1 of the UK carrier,s was intended to be available to
    Reinforce the USA in the Sth.China Sea at anytime and always
    UK laid down the keels in full knowledge that China via its hypersonic missiles
    And coordinated radar,satellite and computing systems would without doubt sink those carriers rather quickly in a major conflict
    So much so that a retired US naval commander stated he would no longer
    Be able to if still in command to order major naval resources in a major conflict into the Sth.China Seas, as to do so would be a suicidal act
    So we are left with 2 lumps
    Of expensive junk completely unfit for the purpose they were built
    From design to commission ( without aircraft ) took 14 yrs
    China will soon lay down the keel for its largest carrier c/ w magnetic launch and arrest systems
    The air crew are currently
    Finalising carrier sea borne ops
    This carrier will be fully operational within 4 yrs
    Fully equipped and ready to deploy
    It will be constructed in the largest most modern
    Recently completed 1 of 3
    New high tech shipbuilding
    Intergrated facilities the world has ever seen
    Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales are already
    Outdated and completely useless in terms of Western Naval capabilities to take on China the very purpose for which they were built
    US has finally admitted that China,s J20 5th generation stealth fighter is almost certainly a formidable foe
    But China now well on the way with 6th generation stealth fighters the J21 for deployment upon its carrier fleet.The US F35 will be no match for this
    In 10 yrs time China will have a total 650 modern major capitol fighting ships
    All reliable,modern, equipped with the most advanced weapon systems
    Meanwhile the RN navy right now can only deploy 7
    Such ships and takes over 6 yrs to build one
    China can build from design to commission at least 14 no.a year
    Britannia does not Rule the waves
    The waves now rule Britannia
    In fact UK is now even incapable of defending its own waters and has more Admirals than ships
    I do believe the Tories have a plan as they have for all matters to resolve this and will embark upon
    A massive program of canoe building, Welsh expertise in coracles to be
    Incoporated into their Master Plan
    Somehow i suspect that when launched there will be a critical shortage of paddles


  3. “Ferry fiasco” now has it’s very own Wikipedia page with a curious note “A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia’s content policies, particularly neutral point of view”, but no actual mention of RN-failed SubLt Smirky McSmirk Bowie….

    It is no mere accident that this stooshie was re-ignited by the propagandists at the turn of the year with at least 4 of the 6 type 45 destroyer docked awaiting repairs to their propulsion systems despite having cost 1050 Million each…
    – The term “Daring” Class had nothing to do with being heard from 100 nautical miles away (190km), otherwise they may have been known as “FFS noisy bastart” Class.
    They also have their own Wikipedia page with no such warnings of RN-failed interference, but are being retired in the 2030s to avoid any further embarrassment, a case perhaps of Who Dares Bins…

    So it is not just non-aircraft carriers….

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    1. No they were not built on the Clyde. Different bits of the carriers were built in different shipyards around the UK including the Clyde then taken to Rosyth to be welded together. At least I assume the bits were welded together and not glued together with Loctite but who knows


    2. Is that the destroyers that don’t work too well in warm water? If I remember correctly some were sent on patrol to the Red Sea/Arabian Gulf and broke down. The fault had something to do with the temperature of the water apparently. If so then it is a real problem given the World’s oceans are warming due to climate change!

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      1. One of their MANY problems was to do with air temperatures on the intercoolers.

        The central point however remains, the “Ferry Fiasco” has been not just a political smear campaign but a smokescreen to a series of issues over ship construction executed by London.

        Ultimately both ferries with additional costs will still be a quarter of the original cost of just one of these destroyers and they built 6.

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