BBC Reporting Scotland confirms Conservative governments are bad, very bad, for your health!

After they had reported that rugby can be very bad for your health, Reporting Scotland catch some of us off-guard with this:

are ‘likely’ to have caused more deaths than the coronavirus pandemic. Researchers at the Glasgow Centre for Population Health say statistics show 335 000 more deaths than expected were recorded across Scotland, England and Wales, between 2012 and 2019. They identified almost 20 000 excess deaths in Scotland. Over a decade [of Tory rule] researchers said was characterised by austerity.

What is BBC Scotland doing attacking the record of the UK Government? Well, it happens. If you have an agenda based on undermining the Scottish Government, most days, some of your Unionist viewers might even start to believe you really are biased but if you, now and again, do something very different, you can claim to be balanced. It’s called repressive tolerance. Any intelligent propagandists know to do it. That might explain this.

Another explanation, of course, is that BBC staff prefer the kind of soft-right politics of people like Blair and now Starmer. Governments that do a wee bit about poverty, that value the BBC, but which guarantee the mock-meritocracy, preserving private schools, that allows them and their offspring to thrive, will get a better representation in broadcasts. The BBC understandably fears the right-wing of the Conservative Party but, recently, may be growing in confidence as they smell blood, and a Starmer victory looming.


7 thoughts on “BBC Reporting Scotland confirms Conservative governments are bad, very bad, for your health!

  1. There is a changing of the guard coming and some in the BBC propaganda machine want to make a side step in the other direction probably to save their skins with their incoming Red Tory Masters.
    Dissolve the Union.

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  2. There is pretty strong evidence that ABC ( BBC )
    And paticularly Ch 4 are becoming far more aggressive whilst conducting interviews with Tories and there lackeys
    ” Rats deserting a sinking ship “

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  3. Yep, STV do it as well. Twenty SNP bad stories, or more, with one UK Tory bad story every now and again. Keeps people interested enough to buy into the spin, lies and distraction from the truth. Classic propaganda tactics.

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  4. “Mock-meritocracy”? By definition, ‘meritocracy’ is a mocking term. When Michael Young wrote his book, ‘The Rise of the Meritocracy’ he was ridiculing the concept.

    However, sometimes irony can backfire and this happened with the word ‘meritocracy’ and it has been deployed as ‘scientific’ argument for justifying discrimination. “You failed that exam, son. That PROVES you’re no very good, so you don’t deserve the kind of status and remuneration of those who passed the exam. You have only yourself to blame.” The fact that the exam system is itself skewed is unexamined. The fact that those attending private schools almost all end up in the high status high paying jobs is unexamined.

    It is one of these concepts ‘new’ Labour liked because it meant that they could be skimpy about social security, because they now had an ‘objective’ test.

    Another concept that needs ditching is ‘social mobility’. What happened to ideas like “we’re aw Jock Tamson’s bairns, parity of esteem and no-one hungry, starving or homeless and treated with dignity and respect”?

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  5. The switcheroo between a Tory regime and a Labour one will be seamless for the BBC operating in Scotland.
    No problem with ideology here, as long as you are a True Blue BritNat fundamentalist.
    Staunch! ‘Tra la la, la la, la la, la la. and its colours they…………………”!
    One of Us.
    Not a “Nat”—because of course British nationalists are invisible, and indivisible.
    The Trinity.
    Three in one.
    Red, Blue and Yellow Tories. All together, but with individual airtime on the BEEB

    When Labour was replaced by the SNP, the BBC still allowed them to be paraded as “Kings over the Water”.
    When the Tories took over, it mattered not that the Blessed Col Ruth had only one policy, she was the “Anointed One” for the BEEB.
    Mother Superior of the Bene Gesserit of Unionist Scotia,

    Did you imagine for one second that Glenn, or Hon Sarah, or Juan Kerr were chosen for their objective, impartial journalistic integrity?
    Or that Jaikie the Craw does not influence the management of what purports to be “news coverage”?

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