What is allowed on BBC Wales and BBC Northern Ireland but not on BBC Scotland?

BBC Scotland’s Politics online page has something missing.

BBC Wales and Northern Ireland are not missing it:

What is it?

Constitutional change – independence for Wales and re-union for Ireland. It headlines in that really divided society, Northern Ireland and gets two reports in Wales.

Maybe there was nothing of that kind on in Scotland? You can’t expect BBC Scotland to just make something up. Well, there was something on. This:

Oooh, I wonder why only BBC Scotland have ignored this issue, again?

Maybe it’s just a one-of, innocent error? I’ve been reporting the consistent and stark contrast between the quality of journalism at BBC Wales and at BBC Scotland for years now.

For a reminder, see: https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/?s=Wales


8 thoughts on “What is allowed on BBC Wales and BBC Northern Ireland but not on BBC Scotland?

  1. BBCScotlandshire was unable to cover the AUOB march as all their resources were concentrated on the BIG story which all of Scotland is hooked on –
    Fairies …sorry , Ferries !

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  2. BBCScotlandshire was unable to cover the AUOB march as all its resources were concentrated on the BIG story that has hooked Scotland –
    Fairies … sorry , Ferries !

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  3. Aye, this is the National article https://archive.ph/MSWud on the Edinburgh AUO march.

    Indyref Two earlier on Youtube posted a clip of BBC Wales reporting on the Wales Today programme (the Welsh equivalent of Mis-reporting Scotland), and an article on their webpage “Welsh independence: Thousands march through Cardiff”.

    Meanwhile all that BBC Scotland’s agenda permits to be seen on their webpage is the UK article “Protests held over climate crisis and energy rises” on the “Enough is Enough” marches – BBC balance, it’s a march isn’t it ?

    It’s beyond ridiculous when they insist they are the “impartial” national broadcaster, when they are clearly so “partial”, and what they report on is dominated by propaganda considerations.

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  4. It is noteworthy how BBC Wales reports on the study undertaken by City University, Dublin, commissioned by Plaid Cymru. Following a rather lukewarm headline, the report goes into the key findings, particularly that the fiscal deficit for an independent Wales would be far smaller than that of earlier studies. Only towards the end of the article does it present the scepticism of the Welsh Tories.

    For decades, the BBC Scotland approach has always been to headline and start the article with criticism by the Scottish Tories. (They do this on radio and TV news, too). After several paragraphs in this ‘slamming’ mode, they would then open the next section with: “The Scottish Government DENIES these claims …” before going on to report what the SG position is. It should be noted that even when Labour and the LibDems formed the Government in Scotland, the BBC Scotland approach was the same.

    Not only do they frequently omit upbeat stories on Scotland, but if they cannot avoid reporting they seek to frame the story negatively.

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  5. People are switching of in droves to the propaganda machine. The BBC is doomed and it far the worst for projecting the false narrative. We are the only country in the world that pays for it own brainwashing, ban the licence fee, in Russia propaganda is free.


  6. The BBC NI news coverage is of an event that did not even take place in NI, but in Dublin! And the positive framing by the BBC, as with the BBC Wales article on the indy march in Cardiff, only adds – if that is possible – to the contrast with BBC Scotland’s non-coverage of the indy march that took place in Edinburgh on the same day.

    Headline: ‘Ireland’s Future: Leo Varadkar and Jimmy Nesbitt speak at united Ireland event’

    Picture caption: ‘Actor Jimmy Nesbitt, who is from a unionist background, told the event he was open to a discussion about a possible united Ireland’

    First sentences (with my emphasis):
    ‘SEVERAL THOUSAND people gathered in Dublin for a conference to discuss PLANNING FOR A UNITED IRELAND.

    ‘The crowd at the event at the 3Arena heard from politicians, MEMBERS OF CIVIC SOCIETY AND BUSINESS PEOPLE.

    ‘It was organised by a group called Ireland’s Future, which is campaigning for a united Ireland.’

    Here on TuS we’ve had evidence of quite distinct BBC editorial practices on the reporting of for example the NHS in Scotland and Wales. And often we’ve railed against perceived bias by omission by BBC Scotland more generally.

    However, the issues highlighted in today’s TuS blog post provide irrefutable evidence: the BBC covers politics differently in Scotland. And it does so to the disadvantage of c.50% of Scotland’s electorate who support self-determination – and arguably also to the disadvantage of many others who remain unsure and who wish to be better, more fully informed!

    The combination of circumstances on Saturday in Scotland, Wales and also in Ireland – and how they have been treated by the BBC -could hardly have shown up BBC Scotland’s bias by omission any more starkly! A weekend to remember when totting up the ever lengthening charge sheet!

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  7. I agree with the quote from a previous BTL comment.
    We should no longer use ‘aye right’.
    But at every operchancity should utilise the phrase,

    “I’m glad you pointed that out to me/us, I/we must be more observant…..but that aside life here is just a bowl of ferries, isn’t it”

    Or some variation of that. But always utilising “a bowl of ferries” which I have plagiarised from some unknown person smarter than me.


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