1 ‘blunder’ maybe, in 3 million medical treatments, is not a story in the public interest

A 75-year-old former nurse believes a prescribing error cause severe loss of sight. She may be correct but we don’t know for sure yet.

NHS Scotland had around THREE MILLION outpatient attendances last year.

I know that journalism can be a desperate struggle for survival but, really, is this all they have?



4 thoughts on “1 ‘blunder’ maybe, in 3 million medical treatments, is not a story in the public interest

  1. You need to scroll below McArdle’s Sun-like headline to read what her current complaint is, that “she must wait 11 months her case to be considered” by the Public Services Ombudsman.

    She has presented her case, quite why Helen believed it was in the public interest to plaster the outline her case on the front page of the Herald doesn’t make any sense, until you consider what it demoted…
    “Can UK Government take another credibility blow?” for instance, or avoiding mention of thousands descending on Edinburgh for the AUOB march…


      1. And so did this aged nurse. Based on her case she asserted that the whole NHS Scot was failing and should be shut down. I stopped reading at that point – BP issues

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  2. It’s a huge distraction from the absolute mess the UK is in due to Tory corruption and Labour ineptitude. Problem is some people are taken in by it, and don’t get to read or see the real news.

    Mind you, I do watch this sort of thing just to remind me to laugh sometimes and preserve my mental health, not easy in a dystopian UK and crazy human world.
    Though it does give the illusion that the BBC asks tough questions of the Tories lol!

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