Has SNP Government’s superior vaccination programme resulted in far fewer Covid cases in Scottish Hospital ICUs?


Throughout September 2022, NHS England has had twice the number, pro rata, of Covid cases in ICU than NHS Scotland. Wales with a significantly smaller population tends to have as many and, often more, that Scotland does.

This trend began around the beginning of August 2022. Before that Scotland had a similar rate to England.

Might this be the explanation:

From around October 2021, Scotland began to pull away from the other three nations and, notably has given third vaccinations to significantly more than NHS England has managed.

Other factors may have been the quicker vaccination of the elderly and staff in care homes and higher standards of infection control in Scotland’s hospitals.

By July 2021, 100% of Scotland’s care home residents had been fully vaccinated for some time. 97.6% of staff had the first vaccination and 94.4% had the second dose: https://www.travellingtabby.com/scotland-coronavirus-tracker/

In England, the situation was less reassuring, despite the PM’s claims of a ‘world-beating’ rollout. 98.5% of residents had both jags in English care homes for the elderly but only 78.4% of staff were fully vaccinated. This was a very disturbing figure: https://www.england.nhs.uk/statistics/statistical-work-areas/covid-19-vaccinations/

Comparative hospital infection levels are difficult to confirm as NHS England tends to avoid recording them but in December 2021, we could state:

In the Nursing Times on the 23rd July 2021 on the incidence and impact of Hospital Acquired Infections. The study was commissioned by the Scottish government and conducted by Glasgow Caledonian University.

“It found that 7,500 hospital patients, or one in every 100, develop HAIs each year.

This equates to 1.1% of patients in Scotland acquiring HAIs, which compared favourably with previous estimates in the UK (7.8%) and recent studies in wider Europe (3%), said the researchers.”


4 thoughts on “Has SNP Government’s superior vaccination programme resulted in far fewer Covid cases in Scottish Hospital ICUs?

  1. Hmm, I will send this to Dr. Campbell. I like his YTube channel, it’s very good and has a big international audience and is well respected. However I have found that he tends to be quite negative whenever Scotland is doing better, intimating it as some sort of anomaly, rather than the work of a competent Scottish government, doing a better job at this than the Eng/UK government.

    It’s worrying that some friends who have been to London recently all seem to be unwell on their return with a dreadful ‘cold’.

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      1. John, his twitter seems to be pretty much inactive…and he has no email address at his Ytube channel, I think he used to. I don’t comment via YTube though have tried, need to set up a Ytube account or something technical like that. 😦


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