Support for independence at least 52% in first large scale reliable research

We’re used to a sequence of small surveys of around 1 000 Scots showing, recently, support for independence down just below 50%. These opinion polls are carried out by private companies and often for newspapers with an agenda on the issue. They’re by no means useless but neither are they authoritative.

Not on the Herald’s front page in paper but leading in the online version and of course, in the National (above), this major report is being ignored by the BBC, the Scotsman, the Record and the Courier.

From the British Social Attitudes Survey 2022:

Just over half of people in Scotland (52%) favour independence, up from 23% in 2012, when the UK government agreed to the independence referendum that was held two years later.

In 2011 24% of Conservative supporters in England said that Scotland should become
independent, as did 25% of Labour supporters. Now only 16% of Conservatives express that view, compared with 30% of their Labour counterparts.

65% of Remainers in Scotland now back Scottish independence, up from 44% in 2016.

The BSA survey has an impressive sample of 44 280 households though, interestingly, nonenorth of the Caledonian Canal.’

This is important. Support for independence tends to be higher in the Highlands than in southern parts, other than Glasgow and Tayside. It was 56% in 2020:

I take some cheer from this.


8 thoughts on “Support for independence at least 52% in first large scale reliable research

  1. I take some cheer too.

    The number sampled is also quite important too.

    If I can be tongue-in-cheek and use the tactics of msm, that must be 44 times more representative than the usual 1,000 samples!!

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  2. Having read the article and
    All the associated comments
    As always and usual the saying of ” The Devil is always in the detail ”
    But that is NEVER so, The Devil is only and ever so in
    How people interpret such detail ”
    History always proves this to be the case, as time blows away the fog and the
    Actuality of events unfolding reveal themselves.
    So stripping the survey down to its fundamental elements, time and clearing mist reveals this
    The tide has truly turned in favour of Independence
    And as far as Westminster and Unionists ( King Canute and followers )
    My advice to them is quite simply go get yourselves a submarine. King Canute
    Order UP Periscope

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      1. Good Idea
        But unfortunately as they redundant Nuclear subs
        Which have lay there for yrs and in all probability poorly maintained, which upon movement would likely lead to a most dangerous release of deadly radio active material and as time goes bye then the risk grows expodentially
        Ah but such are the broad shoulders and benefits of their precious Union
        Why the hell do you think these rust buckets were abandoned in Rosyth and not Devonport or Portsmouth
        As far as Westminster concerned ” Out of sight Out of Mind “


        1. Aye I’m well aware of what lies across the river and their condition. And the sooner His Majesties Ships are berthed in his back yard the better. These are a problem we did not create nor do we wish to retain any % share of them.
          (I say we because I doubt there is anyone in Scotland who wishes to keep them)


  3. “If” the Union could muster 52% support, then it would be—
    A.-Headlined in the Herald.
    B.-Reported by the Scotsman, BBC, Record and Courier.
    C.-Hi Jack would be on Repressing Scotland gloating and “Blustering for Blighty”!
    D.-This would remain headlines for the next year, or until Truss gets the boot (whatever comes quickest).
    E.-FMQ’s and two Britnat hacks being given airtime to BIG UP DRossie and Starwars. And being fed their lines by a BBC hack.

    Pathetic and dreadful.

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