Not telling us about Scotland and wages

In a quick-fire hat-trick of reports carefully avoiding the Scottish Government’s achievements in child poverty reduction, in increased nurse staffing, Reporting Scotland give us an evidence-free piece on the living wage.

A quick bit of research by their many paid researchers would have provide the context all professional journalists claim to practice but, at Pacific Quay, they don’t. See this:

So, to summarise:

Scotland has among the highest median earnings in the UK, dramatically reducing numbers of low-paid workers, a narrower gender pay-gap and has significantly fewer workers earning less than the Living Wage, than the other parts of the UK.


5 thoughts on “Not telling us about Scotland and wages

  1. One of the employers interviewed presented a very positive picture of why paying a living wage was important – indeed, essential – for the company. It was about valuing staff, recognising their contribution to the business, reflecting the loyalty the workforce had shown by being loyal to them.

    It seemed clear from the interviewer’s tone and substance of the questions that her attitude was one of incredulity that the company was adopting such an attitude. Surely, running a business is about, ‘the bottom line’, maximising profits, cutting costs? Her attitude is that of Truss, Kwarteng et al in Britannia Unchained that ‘British workers are the laziest in the world’.

    Of course, she would not be a BBC Scotland interviewer unless she shared such an attitude.

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  2. This BBC story is linked to their own report about Child Poverty – but they appear not to see any connection between lower levels in Scotland and a desire by the Scottish Government to increase the Living Wage .
    Deliberate myopic BBCShortbread attitude to Scottish ”Good News” !

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  3. I have to wonder how BBC Scotland staff remuneration contrasts with the BBC average?
    Perhaps there is a bonus for obscuration and dissimulation in “Specific Glee’s” laundromat of lies?

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