Malnutrition is not always due to poverty

Playing the usual adding up something bad, over several years, four on this occasion, to get a big number, the Herald comes up with thousands. Greater Glasgow and Clyde had 3 895 from 2018 to 2022.

It’s bad I know, but to put it all in context:

First, child poverty even before the recent hikes in the Child Payment, unique to Scotland, to £25 per child per week, child poverty was already 50% more common in England:

Second, malnutrition occurs among children whose families are not in poverty. For example:

You can also become malnourished if your body needs an increased amount of energy – for example, if you’re healing after surgery or a serious injury such as a burn, or if you have involuntary movements such as a tremor.


Despite being considered prosperous nations, developed countries still face the difficulty of illness caused by poor nutrition. A lot of this comes down to poor diet, excessive fat intake and low fruit and vegetable intake.

I don’t have the percentage of admissions not due to poverty and food shortages but professional journalism would require that data, to be worthy of a headline.


12 thoughts on “Malnutrition is not always due to poverty

    1. If Malnutrition due to poverty exists in Scotland
      In relatively large numbers
      Then can any explain as to how such has arisen
      Especially so as 57 Billion
      ( yes Billion ) barrels of Oil
      Has been pumped from our

      No need to do the maths
      Let all who aided and abetted this blunder by Westminster
      Bow their heads in utter shame
      Never in human history has the peoples of a Nation
      Came upon a great natural
      Resource in aplenty and
      As a result of became poorer and almost to the point of impoverishment

      A place in hell awaits those Scots who were at the Top Tables and were complicit
      In ensuring such plunder succeeded
      May your conscious burn
      In what remains of your truly miserable existance


      1. You can blame the ‘Scots at the top tables’ all you like but they were insignificant in number and power compared to the English at the ‘top tables’ for sure…you always get a few traitors in any country, but the English in power in England are the ones who have stolen (and continue to do so) Scotland’s oil wealth to the tune of £TRILLIONS all said and done. Simple really and tragic in the extreme.


  1. The fact that there are children who are suffering from poor nutrition due to poverty is a scandal and, largely due to the 12 years of ‘austerity’ imposed by the Tories and, for five years, with the enthusiastic connivance of the LibDems. Austerity is a euphemism for the transfer of wealth from the majority of the population to the small percentage of the population who are financing HM Government and own most of the media, including The Herald. These media present ‘austerity’ as essential, because the assert that good welfare fosters ‘dependency culture’ resulting in British workers being ‘the laziest in the world’ (Truss, Kwarteng, Patel, et al). ‘Austerity’ , on this venal reasoning ‘incentivises’ poor people into work. And, of course, trade unions must be hobbled to get these lazy people ‘something for nothing.’

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  2. It can also be about what is available in the local shops, advice on nutrition etc. If you live on a council housing estate, (the legacy of the union social housing called ‘schemes’, in Scotland) there could be a long journey to get to a supermarket type of shop, and, poorer people tend not to have cars. In fact as I think, quite a clued up person, it was only at the start of the pandemic that I really took a close look at what we were eating aside the usual vegetables, fruit and carbs, being vegetarians, I realised we were possibly lacking some essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals etc. It’s not cheap being healthy, you need fruit veg nuts and legumes and of course your greens, not so easy to get and decent dairy (organic if can afford it) and, vitamins. It was the case that some foods and dairy had actual vitamins added to them, I don’t think that is the case now.

    Also the soil is seriously now depleted on farms, and actually hard to get essential nutrients back into it, so the food anyway is a bit lower in essential minerals, than is required for a good balance. If you want to buy apples, blueberries, advocados, lettuce, and now er, even potatoes, it can really make a big dent in your purse!

    Also, in Scotland, everyone should be taking Vitamin D3 supplements, it’s adviseable and of course though not expensive, how many people have those in their cupboards, more £’s to fork out on top of other essentials. Looks like the ScotGov could do with a making sure nutrinionists are employed to advise and hand out vitamins in fact, especially over winter.

    The BritNat parties in Scotland are quite happy with their masters in London assault on the poorest to continue while handing billions to billionaires.
    British nationalist created poverty, poverty by design, is an absolute disgrace, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse.

    Scotland with the SNP and Scottish Greens at the helm, can only continue to make progress in living standards if independence is secured and soon.


  3. The child payment will eradicate poverty in Scotland. More people will be healthier. Less will need to be spent on healthcare. A policy that will pay for itself. Increasing state pensions would pay for itself. Less spent on administration.Nearky as much as the pay out. £240Billion. Adminustration £235Billion,

    £13Billion+ a year is spent decommissioning Nuclear. The Tories plan to spend even more on nuclear. £Billions wasted.


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