Despite pressures NHS Scotland’s emergency services hold at 70% in 4 hours and 23% ahead of NHS England

During July 2022:

  • There were 128,830 attendances at A&E services in Scotland.
  • 69.9% of attendances at A&E services were seen and resulted in a subsequent admission, transfer or discharge within 4 hours.

This is the lowest on record and is receiving much media and opposition party interest.

In the same period NHS England had1 385 080 attendances but only manged to see 57% within four hours. This is not receiving media or opposition party comment.

NHS Scotland’s performance is thus 22.8% (13 as a % of 57) better.

Norfolk And Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, where the new PM has responsibility for scrutinising its performance, only managed a third-world figure of 39.3%. The figure for the New Southern General in the First Minister’s constituency was 55.4%, 41% better.



7 thoughts on “Despite pressures NHS Scotland’s emergency services hold at 70% in 4 hours and 23% ahead of NHS England

  1. Well done to all in Scotland’s NHS and their support services for their continued great efforts.

    God knows you all get little thanks from what is called the “Scottish Media” including the lamentable BBC Scotland, but from us normal folk, thank you.

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  2. Spot on Stephen, the unionists and their compliant media continually hound our NHS and never praise them, high time we had an independent media that is truly impartial giving praise where it’s due and holding government to account where it is right and proper to do so as opposed to making up issues with no investigative effort.


  3. Off topic, but indicative of the general attitude of BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs: today’s ‘Mornings’ programme was an undisguised attack on the SG’s plan to freeze rents. The studio spokesperson was a representative of the landlords and the ‘interviewer’ in clearly sympathetic tones, simply fed him questions and did not challenge any of his assertions. All landlords who phoned in were responded to supportively.


    1. I posted the following btl on the Wee Ginger Dug site yesterday: it provides useful, balancing context I think.

      ‘Much being made by BBC Scotland of residential landlords’ outrage at the temporary freezing of rents in Scotland until next March. Interesting context on the rental market is available from Rightmove’s Rental Trends Tracker, last updated for April-June 2022.


      Headline: ‘Rents grow at fastest annual rate in 16 years’.

      – ‘National average asking rents outside London hit another new record of £1,126 per calendar month (pcm), rising 3.5% from last quarter and 11.8% higher than last year

      – ‘Average asking rents outside London have now jumped by 19% (+£177) in the two years since the pandemic started, the same growth in rents that took eight years pre-pandemic to reach

      – ‘This quarter’s 3.5% jump in asking rents is the second highest in ten years

      – ‘Rightmove revises forecast upwards from 5% to 8% growth in asking rents by the end of the year’

      – ‘Average monthly rental payments are now 40% higher than they were ten years ago, while average mortgage payments for the same properties are up 13%

      – ‘Despite challenges, more landlords are planning to expand their portfolios in the coming 12 months (34%) than reduce them (11%)’.

      A relevant context in which to place any outrage, one that viewers and listeners will of course never be helped by BBC Scotland to gain!’


      1. Excellent as usual Stewartb, I wonder though which demographic is it the bbc and the rest of the media are targeting with this particular tale of woe. It’s not likely to impress council tenants, or private renters already suffering from landlords milking mortgage increase rates. Home owners probably wouldn’t say no to mortgage payments being frozen, any outrage is likely to be directed at a government sitting on its hands while the BOE increases their debt liability stretching further already stretched budgets.
        I for one welcome their stupidity.


  4. Likewise Stewart, had posted in WGD as follows, but edited for errors –
    I was actually quite surprised to see an article on the BBC Scotland web-page this morning at about 15 hours old entitled “Rent freeze plan to tackle cost-of-living crisis in Scotland” but soon realised it was only HMS James Cook/Elizabeth House going on the SNP/SG attack yet again with Comments open, now closed after 2,243 of their dial-a-riot frothing contributions from the “Nicola ate my hamster” brigade, presumably an ongoing contractual arrangement.
    The equally usual “Analysis by Glenn Campbell”, totally ignores the energy crisis created by the Tories in preference to ” “hard choices” lie ahead and the Scottish government won’t be able to do everything it would like”. Oh how Glenn must have chortled, getting paid handsomely for stating the bleeding obvious,
    Thought to archive it on return from the city, but couldn’t see it, so went hunting, demoted to page 2,, comments included.

    It becomes all the more obvious why, when you see HMS James Cook’s latest gambit, “Rent freeze plan is headline-grabbing ploy, says letting boss”
    – Now just think how moronic James Cook/Elizabeth House must be to play this propaganda game with people who are really struggling and terrified over what winter brings, yet encourage concerns for the middleman who gets a percentage for their misery.

    Brian Gilmour of “Indigo Square Property Ltd., proudly announces on his Linkedin page – “Experienced Managing Director with over 25 years experience in property and finance. You might hear me every fortnight on the BBC Radio Scotland Kaye Adams programme”
    And yet the BBC in Scotland featured this in preference to praise for the SG initiative by the Mayor of London.

    Were HMS James Cook half as interested in the lot of Scots as it is at slagging off SG we might actually have a broadcaster who could PROVE impartiality…

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