SNP replaces 43 times more diesel buses than UK Tories can manage

Not, of course, featuring anywhere else in the MSM nor even on the BBC Scotland website, this selective little piece will only see the light of day on Reporting Scotland‘s wee radio sister, Good Mourning Scotland.

Only 16% of diesel buses have been replaced by electric buses against a target of a majority. There are around 54 000 buses in public service in Scotland so 16% is 8 640 diesel buses taken out of service.

The impact of the pandemic gets a wee mention at the end but the image of Scottish Government failure has been communicated again to the older, more fearful of change, audience of the above two outlets.

England has a target of 4 000 buses but has only managed 2 000 so far out of around 420 000 in service.

You know where I’m going.

England has 10 times the population and so, all things being equal, should have replaced 86 400 diesel buses but, by March 2022, had only managed 2 000!

Scotland’s performance is this 43 times better.



16 thoughts on “SNP replaces 43 times more diesel buses than UK Tories can manage

  1. ACC gave £17Million to a private bus company making vast profits. £300Million for a conference and exhibition centre used approx , once a month, a year. Over £200million for a concrete jungle instead of pedestrianisation. UTG would have cost £20Million. Now being wasted on a mud pit. Refused a gift of £80million for UTG pedestrianisation. Illegal Tory/Labour Alliance.

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  2. “Not, of course, featuring anywhere else in the MSM nor even on the BBC Scotland website……….” – They’re still trying to promote interest in who 160,000 private “Blue-Rinse Club” members deign as next charlatan to occupy 10 Downing Street….

    Electric buses are not cheap, and as yet have restricted range so are not suitable as for longer journeys – Given Scotland’s sprawling routes, aiming for a majority of buses being electric, however laudable, is a touch ambitious.

    PS – I thought it was “Good Moaning Scotland” ?

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  3. Whilst the majority of bus services are in private hands and are poorly regulated, we will never have a functioning integrated transport system.
    Are there any independently sourced and researched documents etc.. into the rumours that Stagecoach gave money to The SNP to put them off regulating/nationalising bus services?


    1. Perhaps you could ‘research’ whether that accusation has any leverage whatsoever, before you accuse the SNP on that ‘rumour’, and do name your ‘independently sourced’ information, or otherwise.

      Edinburgh’s buses, which no doubt would be privatised had any BritNat party been at the helm at Holyrood.

      Lothian Buses is the largest municipal bus company in the United Kingdom. The City of Edinburgh Council owns 91%, Midlothian Council 5%, East Lothian Council 3% and West Lothian Council 1%. Lothian operates the majority of bus services in Edinburgh, and is a significant operator in East Lothian, Midlothian and most recently West Lothian.

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    2. From Wikipedia “In later Scandinavian folklore, trolls became beings in their own right, where they live far from human habitation, are not Christianized, and are considered dangerous to human beings”
      Seems about right…
      Is there any truth to the rumour “Jim Round” is a Stephen Kerr/Lugless Dross/SiU/”These Isands” account, “independently sourced and researched documents etc.” may be required to prove otherwise…
      In short an erse…


      1. I am certainly not a troll, my question was asked in good faith as I am interested in an alternative answer to the usual media quotes.
        I am a supporter of Scottish Independence and any government, no matter who they are, should be held to account if Scotland is to be a democratic independent nation.
        I am well aware of Lothian Buses and its ownership, it is an excellent model that should be implemented as part of wider transport reforms in Scotland.
        I would also like to point out that Bob Lamont has liked at least one of my previous comments and I do not agree with being abusive or genuine trolling.


        1. “Are there any independently sourced and researched documents etc.. into the rumours that Stagecoach gave money to The SNP to put them off regulating/nationalising bus services? ”
          – I am not averse to being abusive when a question centres on a “rumour” absent any form of proof let alone an “independently sourced and researched document” but requires the precise opposite standard as counter.


          1. Okay, perhaps I could’ve phrased my comments a little better.
            This morning at work, I was discussing public transport with a colleague at work.
            I commented that public transport should be publicly owned and mentioned Lothian Buses as a good model, I said that they also appear to do well in satisfaction surveys.
            My colleague made the point about nationalisation being mooted, but then made the point about the SNP/Stagecoach donation.
            I asked where they had heard that and he said he had read it in either The Scotsman or Herald.
            That is why I was asking for independent verification, something that wasn’t The BBC, Herald etc… for obvious reasons.
            I did see some comments about Brian Souter no longer being a donor, also some comments about donations from China and FOI requests???
            As I previously commented, I am an independence supporter and want to see Scotland as THE place to live and work etc…

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            1. You ever heard that saying about being in hole and you should just stop digging. It’s good advice.
              Souters an arssss, any notion that he’s in bed with the SNP should have been well and truly laid to test by his behaviour over the Ferry Contract, considering his very public anti SNP/independence/Scottish government bollocks and lies I can only say that your flogging a very dead horse.
              I nearly spilt my tea with the China bit, that would be the Chinese government looking to make investments in the UK, Scotland was to get £10 billion towards infastructure, but didn’t because of being accused of selling out to the Chinese by the media and liblabtory clowns, instead the Chinese invested in Hinckley point but that was good, unlike investing in Scotland, that was bad. As for FOI’s which of the hundreds from the media, broadcasters and liblabtory digging for for any kind dirt are you referring to.


            2. Aye fair enough, my apologies for being so harsh.
              Your colleague is suffering from a severe case of “whitabootery”.
              Donations by whomever to whatever political party are irrelevant to the subject, but if he believes it relevant, it is for him to prove, not for you to disprove it.

              The SNP has forever been mired in conspiracy theories – eg The infamous independence campaign funds “missing” rumour still persists despite having been audited to hell and back on multiple occasions and confirmed as false.

              No political party in my lifetime has been so scrutinised as SNP, and to clear, I’m not a member, and have no problem in criticising them where I feel it justified.
              However, the propaganda war that has been and continues to be conducted against independence supporters and the SNP is beyond obvious, the classic “pitchforks and torches” tactics of division.


  4. O/T From the Tories and from the spokesperson for the CBI’s big corporates, it’s now (magically) perfectly OK for a government to get deeper and deeper into debt even tho’ interest rates on repayment of that debt are rising.

    And it’s OK even tho’ the talk is of this additional borrowing taking years to pay down. Once upon a time such a thing for a Tory was an almost unethical, certainly unacceptable ‘burden on future generations’ was it not?

    And it’s now (magically) OK – and perfectly possible – to increase the UK’s indebtedness to such a huge extent even so soon after the huge increase in debt resulting from Covid, and even at a time of little economic growth in prospect.

    (Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell must be wearing rye smiles!)

    But an independent, energy & other resource-rich Scotland projected to have any sort of deficit or debt? It would be an economic basket case, not capable of survival: the people of Scotland should be afraid, very afraid of no longer being able to rely on the broadest of shoulders of this most wonderful Union. Aye right!


    1. ‘Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell must be wearing rye smiles!’

      Socialists smiling ‘wryly’ of course …. maybe these good old boys smile after drinking whisky and rye too of course!

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  5. Westminster Gov allocated £370Billion to Covid over lifetime. After prioritising Brexit over pandemic planning. £270Billion already spent. £37Billion wasted on illegal unscrutinised, ineffective contracts or Tory allocations. Scotland did not get £30Billion for parity. Scotland got £8Billion+.

    Whole Westminster Gov Accounts 2019/20, published June 2022. Internet.

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