Scotland enables UK to stop importing Russian energy

There is no mention of Scotland’s key role in the above achievement nor is it in Scotland’s newspapers but it is massive.

Between Quarter 1 2021 and 2022, net electricity transfers from Scotland to England rose by 12 per cent to 5.9 TWh. 1 GWh will power around 750 thousand homes so 1 TWh per hour will do 7 .5 million homes. 5.9 TWh were transferred to England.

Scotland produces more than 60% of all UK natural gas, six times its own needs.

Scotland produces more than 80% of all UK oil, currently selling at $100 per barrel, up from only $18 in 2020.


13 thoughts on “Scotland enables UK to stop importing Russian energy

    1. I’m not.

      ps. I heard earlier on Sky News, Emily Matlis will be giving the MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh TV Festival tonight.

      I found an online article about the lecture which says –

      ‘Maitlis’s lecture will cover the complex world of modern journalism where the threat to reporting the news and holding power to account across the globe, comes not with intimidation and outright censorship, but in more nuanced ways with language and normalising the extraordinary. ‘

      I wonder if there will be one or two examples from BBC Scotland. 😉

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  1. So, we transferred net to England over 5 TWH of electricity. A single TWH is worth 190 billion US dollars and we have a deficit, have I got this right ?

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      1. No, I can’t unfortunately. It was a rhetorical question based on the figures in one of the articles. I have however tried to find out, calculated wholesale price of around £700 million per terawatt. That’s wholesale, easy to see now why the smaller traders couldn’t survive, that’s not retail which is the real value. They don’t make finding this easy, advising you to contact your broker.
        Remember Mundell blurting out that Scotland supplied £6 billion worth of electricity a couple of years back and the graph is somewhat higher now than then. He may well have been referring to the retail value rather than the wholesale but even so Scotland is exporting around £4 billion in electricity which won’t be showing GERS.


      2. John I saw this on Richard Murphy’s blog which I follow, this comment is from Mike Par who is, I understand someone who works in the business and very knowledgeable. Richard’s blogs on the energy crisis have been enlightening to me.
        “Mike Parr says:
        August 24 2022 at 9:19 am
        Apologies for the broken record.
        Wholesale elec prices are around £500/MWh. Splitting the market into gas (marginal pricing) and the rest – fixed (nuke, PV, wind, biomass) would reduce this £500/MWh (depending on output of nuke etc) by around half – sometimes more. This would be an immediate relief.
        In the case of gas, one could have a hybrid price – £20/MWh for the North Sea/Irish sea stuff and market for the rest. This would probably drive gas prices down to sub-£100/MWh – which if used for elec gen would mean a £200/MWh marginal price – and a composite elec price heading back to £70 – £90/MWh – not far off normal.
        These are all rough figures – but in the right ball park.
        I am not surpised that none of this is happening, why would it with a tory-vulture gov, a supine Liebore opposition and ditto the Lying Dems.
        UK Politics & UK politicians are failing to deliver. I am so not surpised.


        1. Thanks Robert, the chart I viewed looked a little higher for electricity, though it was shown as kw per hour rate, which I took as fairly accurate since oil was sitting at just under 100 dollars a barrel.


  2. US fracked Gas is imported into Grangemouth. US flogging their energy in Europe. To substitute Russian gas.

    The West NATO US supported and funded has missiles targeting the Russian border. Against International Agreements. Johnston is still exporting munitions to Ukraine despite escalating problems. Fuelling the fire. Breaking International Agreement. Biden doesn’t know what day it is. US/UK eternal war. Costing £Trillions that could be better spent.


  3. Scotland to England, exports vast quantities of oil and gas.
    Scotland exports to England 5+TWH of electricity.

    England exports to Scotland 24h X 7d Boriswatts of utterBullsh!t.

    DRossie, BBC Hootsmon and Starwars claim Scotland suffers a deficit of Bullsh!t, which only the Brown shoulders of the YUK can fill. Some goes in the English rivers, and Scotland is lucky enough to get the rest.
    Or something like that.

    Oh, I forget the start———-“Once upon a time…………


  4. The UK Treasury takes half of Oil production. Hiding the discrepancies. Fiddling the books. Lying and cheating. Takes the licences fees that should go to Edinburgh. Scotland would be so much better off. The tax on the Oil sector should be raised, The tax should be higher when prices and profits are higher. Lower when the price and profits are lower,

    Download the Whole UK Gov Accounts 2019/20, published June 2022. Compare to Scottish Gov Accounts. Internet.

    The UK never imported Russian gas. It fuelled Europe. Brexit another catastrophe. Breaking International Treaties. Scotland is losing £Billions. EU cost nothing and brought benefits. P35 Whole UK Gov Accounts. 2019/20, published June 2022. Internet. Lost EU essential workers. NHS care health workers and other sectors.


  5. IIRC it was only LPG and diesel (?) which were Russian imports, and even those were not massive volumes, this article strikes me more as the BBC finally burying the lie by implication that piped gas supplies from Russia affected the UK.


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