Labour council leader’s advice would encourage flies, cockroaches, rats and mice in Edinburgh homes

For the Scottish Daily Mail, apparently unknown political parties in Edinburgh are trying to solve their refuse crisis by putting responsibility onto residents to keep the rubbish in their own homes. That might get reduce the rat population in the tourist streets by increasing it in homes. Nice.

Why should residents ignore this advice from their Labour-run council? From the International Scientific Forum on Home Hygiene, in 2015:

If waste material is not disposed of securely flies, cockroaches, rats, mice etc. can gain access and can then spread the germs to hand and food contact surfaces in the home. Hands can become contaminated whilst handling contaminated refuse. Indiscriminate disposal of household solid waste in the vicinity of the home apart from fouling the general environment, adds to fly breeding and rat/insect harbouring.

Imagine if an SNP Council in Glasgow had tried the same tactic last year?


6 thoughts on “Labour council leader’s advice would encourage flies, cockroaches, rats and mice in Edinburgh homes

  1. Maybe the rubbish could be dumped at the council offices then Labour, Tories and libdems might start to listen to the Scottish government in getting this BritNat mess
    sorted out pronto. Criminals.

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  2. A typical of an English funded paper do not give a shit about heslth of citizens who PAY COUNCIL TAX ONLY IN SPENDING FROM TOURISTS What has it got to do with English Papers anyway Clean up their own SHIT FIRST

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  3. My recommendation to residents and in order to
    Give a wake up call to the
    Nefarious purposing of the
    Quisling traitorous Lab/ Tory council
    Is to set up the formation of a Historical recreation and enactment society
    Then open their windows and as they dispose of household garbage
    Let out a cry of Gardyloo

    Jokingly so but demonstrates ” Creative Thinking ” that punches thru into mainstream thinking
    But if we suppressed as Westminster currently planning
    Then serious civil protest
    Lets them know that Westminster and its Lackeys are in for one helluva contest
    Such actions is Davids sling shot at Goliath
    And many a more pebble easily found for the Slings
    Make no mistake Westminster in Phase 1
    Of eradicating and destroying the very existence of Scotland for once and all
    For both sides this is a Matter of unfinished Business and the day of implementing The Final Solution to their Scottish Problem has begun
    And the Next Tory P.M. has

    Already fired the starting gun
    Know thy Foe


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