With the same level of demand NHS Scotland sees far more emergency patients within 4 hour target

The general has a serious heart condition and wants to relocate nearer to the UK’s best A&E department, in Dundee?

If you’re going to compare A&E performance, you need both the percentage seen within the 4 hour target and, of course, how many patients were admitted.

In June 2022, the last month for which we have monthly data in Scotland, 135 682 patients in total were seen. England, with 10 times the population might thus be expected to have seen around 1 356 820 but had 1 395 224, 38 404 or 2.8% more. This is a statistically insignificant difference in demand.

Also in June, NHS Scotland saw 71.3% in 4 hours while NHS England only saw 58.8% in its comparable Type 1 (consultant-led) A&E departments.

NHS Scotland thus did 21.2% better.




4 thoughts on “With the same level of demand NHS Scotland sees far more emergency patients within 4 hour target

  1. Aha—-but on the BEEB one is Scottish, and the other British.
    England NEVER fails, even when it does.

    Just as Scotland has a new wind farm today, good news you might have thought, but in the same bulletin …….
    James Cook De Books reminds us that……

    Oddly, in the same news, they had gas pipelines coming to England from everywhere———except Scotland.

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  2. For context and perspective, from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) in a press statement dated 12 August:

    Headline: ‘NHS England’s crisis mitigation plan can only succeed IF THERE IS POLITICAL WILL to tackle the crisis, RCEM says (my emphasis)

    ‘… we urge all Trusts and Emergency Departments to renew their focus on working towards the 95% target for four-hour performance. While this will be a serious challenge, it is especially critical given JULY’S PERFORMANCE FIGURES published yesterday showed the LOWEST EVER FOUR-HOUR PERFORMANCE ON RECORD AT 57% and the HIGHEST NUMBER OF 12-HOUR DTA WAITS REACHING NEARLY 30,000.’ (DTA = decision to admit)

    ‘.. WE STAND BY OUR POSITION THAT THE 12-HOUR DATA MEASURED FROM DECISION TO ADMIT TO ADMISSION IS HIGHLY MISLEADING and we continue to URGE NHS ENGLAND TO REGULARLY PUBLISH THE 12-HOUR DATA MEASURED FROM TIME OF ARRIVAL. AS A MATTER OF TRANSPARENCY AND HONESTY, it is crucial to see this data ahead of winter so we can begin to see the crisis in its full scale and tackle it fully.’

    (Note: NHS Scotland publishes data on 8 and 12 hour waits from time of arrival – and does so weekly!)

    The RCEM statement continues: ‘We recognise the constraints that NHS England operate under, THIS IS BY NO MEANS A RECOVERY PLAN; IT IS A CRISIS MITIGATION PLAN. We welcome the measures that NHS England propose, but argue they do not go far enough.’


    ‘Ultimately, this government have SO FAR FAILED TO DELIVER THE FULLY FUNDED LONG-TERM WORKFORCE PLAN THEY PLEDGED TO DELIVER, and they have FAILED TO MEANINGFULLY TACKLE THE CRISIS IN SOCIAL CARE – these are the constraints that NHS England operate under which fall upon our hard working and dedicated NHS health workers who are now expected to do more with less in THE WORST CRISIS THE NHS HAS EVER FACED.’

    ‘Without the political will to address the staffing crisis by recruiting more staff and retaining existing staff, and tackle the social care crisis by bolstering the social care workforce – this winter the Urgent and Emergency Care system will once again be on its knees on the verge of collapse.”

    Source: https://rcem.ac.uk/nhs-englands-crisis-mitigation-plan-can-only-succeed-if-there-is-political-will-to-tackle-the-crisis-rcem-says/

    I can find NO coverage of this damning RCEM statement on the BBC News website. Anyone spot media coverage? If no media coverage then for the public, effectively no RCEM criticism exists!

    I wonder what Dr Sandesh Gulhane MSP would make of the RCEM’s analysis and its statement aimed directly at his Tory colleagues in government? He and his ilk like to use the term ‘shame’ towards government ministers do they not? He presumably is well aware – as we are – that presently it is only the Westminster government which has access to ALL the levers of power needed to resource publicly-funded health and social care in the UK in a significantly better manner.

    For contrast, you may recall seeing RCEM statements prominent in articles published by the BBC News website on NHS Scotland and its A&E departments!

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    1. Essentially, the media, BBC included, are covering the tails of the Westminster government over the English NHS failings and RCEM dire warnings, while doing a volte-face when it is the responsibility of the Scottish government, even though the Scottish NHS is demonstrably better on all counts.

      I betcha Tom Scoop Gordon is already on the case..

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  3. Renewable wind turbine project off Montrose. Producing enough energy to fuel 1 million homes. Scotland pays more for fuel and energy despite being in surplus and nearer the source. Another absolute scandal. A burden on the whole economy.

    Oil price $100. The Oil sector should be taxed at 50-60%. It is taxed at 30%. 20% corporation tax and 10% supplementary, 30%. The tax should be higher when the price and profits are higher. Lower when the price and profits are lower. It would pay to reduce % of tax on petrol and a cut in extortionate energy and fuel prices.

    The Tory unionists total mismanagement of the Oil sector and lack of investment in renewables. Hickley Point a total waste of time and monies. Wasting £Billions of public monies which could be put to better use. Tory graft and corruption.

    More should be spent on the NHS. The Tories cut the necessary NHS funding. Cut £29Billion 2015 to 2020. Instead of being increased. Totally mismanaged the pandemic. To concentrate on Brexit, Another scandal. Wasted £Billions to line the pockets of the Tory Party and their associates. Contracts given illegally without proper scrutiny. Monies which could have been better spent on the NHS, care services and facilities.

    Healthcare workers have left because of Brexit, causing staff shortages. Tory unionist complete mismanagement. The Scottish Gov have to mitigate the Westminster fraud, cuts and corruption. Scottish revenues and resources wasted by Westminster. Another year+ before the Tories will be out. Got rid, especially in Scotland where they are not voted in for since 1950’s.


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