No demonising of Johnson over England’s attainment gap betrayal

In the Guardian yesterday but nowhere to be seen on their extensive list today:

The landmark study, based on research carried out for the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and funded by the Nuffield Foundation, found that disadvantaged pupils start school behind their better-off peers, and those inequalities persist through their school years and beyond – eventually having an impact on earnings.

The authors state there is overwhelming evidence that the education system in England leaves too many young people behind, and despite decades of policy focus, there has been little if any shift in the gaps in educational attainment between children from different backgrounds.

The report said: “Despite decades of policy attention, there has been virtually no change in the ‘disadvantage gap’ in GCSE attainment over the past 20 years. While GCSE attainment has been increasing over time, 16-year-olds who are eligible for free school meals are still around 27 percentage points less likely to earn good GCSEs than less disadvantaged peers.”

Try finding this on the BBC sites over the last few days and get this:

Try the Telegraph and get only the Yorkshire Telegraph & Argus covering it.

The Times search returned one – Alex Massie ‘Goldilocks approach to results is failing pupils in Scotland

The FT has got it.

Try ‘attainment gap Scotland’ and you’ll get plenty, including this in the Herald:

For more on the unique demonising of SNP leaders see:


6 thoughts on “No demonising of Johnson over England’s attainment gap betrayal

  1. Maybe the deafening silence in England about the ”Attainment Gap ” is because they couldn’t give a f*ck , whereas in Scotland we are more concerned about the state of our kids education so it gets a lot of ”coverage ” ?

    Or , perhaps , our unionist ”friends” are putting the boot in to with the support of the unionist press to give the impression that problems ( Educational , Health , Transport etc… ) only exist north of the border because we have an SNP Government .
    I know which of these my money would be on !

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  2. The consequences of England’s governments’ failure to address the lowering educational standards will have a knock on effect in the future. It will negatively affect industry, tech, advances in research in science, and will turn England into a sweatshop. Worst thing is the young will find it very hard to leave to make a life elsewhere because so many of their parents voted for Brexit.
    Also like the English NHS, a failing education system will be deemed unworkable, unless privatised.

    It’s easy to manipulate an uneducated population, and that’s the far right agenda in the UK.

    England is a failing state, sadly, only they can mend the wrongs, but the opposite is happening.

    Scotland chooses a different, forward looking, more equal, and more progressive 21st century path, and only independence will enable that to continue, and for more progress to be made in all areas of society.

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  3. The IFS report on the attainment gap represents a SUBSTANTIAL piece of work.

    The IFS is regarded by the BBC as AUTHORITATIVE – a go to organisation for input to the news.

    We know from Scotland that the topic – of an ‘educational attainment gap’ – is NEWSWORTHY and, as acknowledged by the coverage it attracts, IMPORTANT in the context of holding a government to account.

    The IFS’ findings for England have the ADDITIONAL TOPICALITY of evidencing issues relevant to the UK government’s current levelling-up policies.

    But – DESPITE ALL OF THE ABOVE – the IFS’ findings have been given zero profile (so far) on the BBC News website! Anyone spot ANY BBC coverage? ANY opposition party response?

    Of course given an extensive news blackout and political party silence, the net effect will be that for most voters an educational attainment gap will NOT EXIST in England. But everyone and their dog knows from the news about an attainment gap in Scotland – and it’s very bad and it’s that SNP’s failure, again! (And it is likely to pass most general consumers of news by that the nature of the current gap in Scotland is being misrepresented by the use of spurious statistical comparisons!)

    Education, the NHS, crime and policing, Covid response etc., etc., similar reporting of Scotland – free of context, free of perspective and biased by omission. It is quite remarkable how resilient electoral support is for independence – and for the SNP – given the state of news reporting!

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    1. Perhaps part of the reason for that resilience is that day and daily people have personal experience of the NHS, schools/education etc and thus know that these areas and others are working much better than the media would like you to believe. The media, particularly the BBC, keep reporting on single examples of this that and the other trying to show how bad things are but for each single example there are hundreds/thousands who have positive experiences and tell their friends about them.

      Then there are sites like this where the articles and comments are a mine of information that gives the lie to the picture painted by the media.

      Yet the media seem to be oblivious to this and continue with their SNPbad themes not realising that the only reputation they are trashing is their own

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  4. Not such a weird thing really. They don’t seem to hold him accountable for anything very much. He apparently got all the big calls right.


  5. Everyone knows Johnston is a liar. The removal vans are at the door. Everybody knows there is no attainment gap in Scotland. The highest educated country in the world. 30% from school, 25% mature students, 15%? EU students, foreign students paying the full cost. The highest pro rata in the world. 15 uni 5.4million pop, plus colleges and apprenticeships. 100,000. Ability to learn not the ability to pay.

    The second highest is Canada. 56%. US 40% to degree level. Paid education system.

    SNP support going up 10%? Independence support going higher. The Tories have 1+ year to go. An IndyRef coming soon that can be won.


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