Multiple polls suggest either candidate may add 10% to SNP support

The final two candidates for leadership of the Conservatives were announced on 21 July.

Throughout July, support for the SNP in UK-wide polls had averaged 4.03% but in August climbed around 10% to an average of 4.5%

While these are small sub-polls, of limited significance on their own, together they suggest that, as others have argued, either candidate is good news for the SNP.



5 thoughts on “Multiple polls suggest either candidate may add 10% to SNP support

  1. I have my politics–same as everyone, but…..
    I have seen lots of governments over the years, and all of them had people of quality in them. Maybe half a dozen individuals capable of running a proper, serious government.
    This contest/competition/event has shown the modern Tory party with two candidates of very limited quality.
    Even DRossie must have struggled to pick his usual loser.
    I might be wrong, but I have every expectation the one of them that gets the job will prove me right, and move independence down the road a bit more–hopefully over the line!

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  2. While it is good news for the cause of Independence , the appalling lack of compassion , empathy and simple understanding of the plight of so many in society shown by these two puppets is frightening .
    Whoever ”wins” this contest it is the ordinary citizen who will lose- big time !

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  3. O/T Watch out now for ITV’s main UK news programme misrepresenting Scotland too!

    Anyone watch the ITV programme at c. 6.45 this evening (17 August)? It broadcast news of beaches ‘across the UK’ polluted with sewage.

    Same topic covered on C4 News at c. 19.15 hours. The beaches affected are in England and Wales – none in Scotland, and none in NI – based on the particular source both news programmes are using in their reports.

    Casual misrepresentation … or something else? Incorporated in negatives; excluded from positives; singled out for negatives without context or perspective.

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    1. Yes it’s called manipultaion and propaganda…if folk in England get to know that Scottish water is not privatised and that raw sewage is not being pumped into water courses,. they might be a bit peeved at their own choice of government.

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  4. Just grand SNP support going up. Independence support going up. Another IndyRef coming soon that can be won, The Tories another disastrous 1+ year to go. Brexit catastrophe. The Tory mess others will have to sort out. Deja Vu.


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