BBC 1 News: ‘Scotland has made public health history’

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Towards the end of Reporting Scotland, after tales of being locked in, being cancelled, of fire deaths, road deaths and of storms, we heard:

Scotland has become the first country in the World to legally protect access to free period products. They’re already available in many places but from this morning, councils, schools and colleges are required to make sanitary towels and tampons available free of charge to anyone who needs them under the Period Products Act.

First in the World but not headlining? Earlier, BBC 1 News had it as ‘Scotland has made public health history.‘ Why did Reporting Scotland not share that view? Cringe.


9 thoughts on “BBC 1 News: ‘Scotland has made public health history’

  1. Misreporting Scotland will headline with the story ”SNP Government finally passes law to provide Free Period Products after 21 years in power ! ”


  2. Women should have enough resources to get their personal needs provided. With dignity. Abused women do not get legal aid. It has to be paid back in many cases. They have to stay in unhealthy, unsafe situations. Women who co habit, the majority, do not have equal rights. They have to fight through Courts (1/3) it can take years and cost £thousands. Women and children have to stay in abused situations because they not get legal aid. Estate agencies illegally demand deposit + six months up front rent from women even with excellent credit scores.

    Abused women in other places get legal aid to end the system and cycle of abuse. Without losing their house or home. In Scotland they are treated unequally and do not have the same rights.


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