Sun news dries up as 1 in more than 200 Scottish rivers is affected by drought

You have to read down in the above Scottish Sun article to see:

Farmers will be banned from extracting water from the River Eden in Fife, though special dispensation may be made for soft fruit growers in the kingdom.

You see what they’re trying to do with that headline? Scare Scots out of any feeling that water supplies are secure here when, obviously, they are. Note, it’s not a hosepipe ban and it’s not even a total ban on all farmers.

Should we be scared?

The Eden is one of 200 major water courses in Scotland and:

Loch Ness…contains more water (7,452 million cubic metres) than all English and Welsh lakes together.,English%20and%20Welsh%20lakes%20together

16 thoughts on “Sun news dries up as 1 in more than 200 Scottish rivers is affected by drought

    1. The only benefit of the ‘union’ is for the neighbouring next door country and mainly in their city of London and the SE of their country. They a few pennies at the north (of England) for vanity projects. The soundbites that you quote here, do not need repeating…we all know about the Britnats’ scams and how they con Scotland…visitors to this site need to know the truth that England’s government keeps Scotland shackled in order to keep thieving Scotland’s massive resources and massive revenues while sending a few crumbs back with added contempt, ridicule, and calling it a ‘block grant’. ‘Block’, ‘grant’…the biggest heist since England took India’s trillions as gratis while tying their soldiers to front of cannons and setting it off, nice.

      BritNats via the English gov/cbal and their compliant media, are othering of the people of Scotland and attempting to portray OUR democratically elected government as somehow rogue, illegitimate and according to 18th century Rees Mogg, Scotland is a ‘failed state’. Dangerous talk there…what do oppressive regimes do to ‘failed states’? They send in the troops and remove the government.

      Scotland is in great peril unless independence is secured before it’s too late.


  1. When George Useless is telling everyone not to worry that England is ‘water resilient’ my first thought was I wouldn’t put it past them if the Tories are going to introduce ‘Special measures’ to commandeer Scotland’s water? As a Fifer saw this artcle briefly on Sky news and had a chuckle and certainly wouldn’t class the Eden as a ‘major water course’ either . As you say when there is ever a crisis in England the MSM will go to great lengths to somehow implicate Scotland or better still Sturgeon /SNP. Rep Scot I guess will be desperately trying to track down someone in the Kingdom who was seen watering their roses (preferably an SNP member) for good measure. .Just as well that MSP’s are on holiday but I suspect there maybe calls for some resignations over this ‘disaster’ in Fife.

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  2. They, the English, have stolen most of Scotland’s natural resources, so the next will be our water, if they haven’t already started. Years ago, an employee of a rail engineering contractor, told me he had suspicions about a rail link being considered connecting a well known supplier of bottled water, in Perthshire, to an up line. Wouldn’t surprise me, although probably a pipeline would be more practical, if it was possible.

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    1. bOil pipelines cover vast distances, so a water pipeline should be possible.

      Although Scottish water sold off a lot of reservoirs, so capacity might be a problem.


      1. Hi Cb, can you link to info on selling off resevoirs? I know Labour sold off the non domestic part of Scottish water when they were in power at Holyrood and planned to sell the rest off, thanksfully they were voted out.
        In terms of resevoirs, who would own them in the first place? I don’t get how Scotwater could have sold them and also when did that happen? Thanks I’d be interested to know…I know Edinburgh’s water used to come from the pentlands but due to capacity ( I think) it now comes from the borders.


  3. The intended implication is public water supplies, the Eden is not a public water supply source, and from memory was always a vulnerable watercourse during long hot and dry spells.
    Precautionary restrictions are standard standard practice for such watercourses.

    Paul Drury has clearly been too long in the Sun.

    Scottish Water’s supplies will be getting stressed all the same, but we’re a long way from the disaster unfolding in southern England.

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  4. Let none forget of the Act of Union
    Where Scot,s Law is untouchable without our consent
    Well under such Law
    No one can own water in Scotland it belongs to none
    So if the English plan to deceive and steal it

    Then it will be so simple to set up a crowd fund to take
    The case to Court of Session ( Supreme Court can go to Hell )
    To firmly establish that we the people decide exactly who, when and how any of our water is disposed of
    Even Holyrood cannot do so in such event
    A referendum Must be put to the Scottish people
    C/ w Wording and timing
    That suits us
    Then we inform Westminster that if a Sect.30 order not issued for a Indy ref.then under no circumstances whatsoever can our water be sold or stolen from us till such Sect.30 issued and both referendums can be held together
    This is not playing hard ball
    Tis playing Hard water


  5. Scotland’s colonial media, from BBC Scotland to the Sun, MUST find stories to “match” the stories in England. Propaganda at its most basic.

    So we are “bound” together in an endless loop of fiscal disasters.

    “We are all the same colour of UK GREY.
    The same impoverished, powerless masses.
    People without a vote or a say.
    Prone to the same old fiscal crashes.
    But Scots now have a ballot box way.
    To leave. Say goodbye to Britnat stramashes”!

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  6. In the seventies there was on occasion in the Scots Independent very interesting articles. I remember one by a very learned and distingushed man, Professor Robert Silver, he had almost as many letters after his name as there is in the alpahbet. I think I am correct in saying he was possibly single handidly responsible for the great leaps in water desalination using the reverse osmosis system. If I remember correctly, he advocated that there should be less importance placed on oil, and more on water of which we have a surfeit in Scotland. That the man and his works should be known to every school child is beyond question, perhaps the reason for his being forgotten has to do with his being an SNP candidate at the 1979 election. Look him up, and the possibility of our water going the sameeee way as our oil may not be so farfetched.

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    1. Indeed, Johnson already put the idea forward of a pipeline from Scotland to England to do just taht, and they will damn well try especially now that England is running dry.
      If only people had rejected the huge lies they were told in 2014, I fear Scotland will be forced to hand over their clean, publicly owned water to the next door country, as gratis.


  7. The ban comes into force just as SEPA has put up 16 flood alerts during Sunday and into Monday.

    Dumfries and Galloway
    Scottish Borders
    West Central Scotland
    Wester Ross
    Findhorn Nairn Moray and Speyside
    Dundee and Angus
    Caithness and Sutherland
    Edinburgh and Lothians
    Easter Ross and Great Glen
    Skye and Lochaber
    Argyll and Bute
    Ayrshire and Arran
    Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City


  8. Eventually found the last published leakage rates for England’s public water supplies, accompanied by a long explanation as to why it was a “cost effective” rate of loss, comparable to Germany, etc., etc..
    Scotland’s leakage rate is published annually by Scottish water.
    UK average water consumption is 200 Litres/Head/Day (L/hd/d), a reasonable benchmark by which to judge the figures.
    Scotland 84 L/hd/d
    England 141 L/hd/d
    England, “cost-effective” but running out, despite maintaining a network with population density 6 times that of Scotland.


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